10 Smart Ways to Keep Virtual Attendees Engaged

Keep Virtual Attendees Engaged

Sitting in 2022, virtual events are something we’re all familiar with. Various sectors and organisations are now hosting large-scale online events. Attendee participation is critical during virtual events.

Virtual event tiredness is a serious issue that can result in a drop-off in attendees. To avoid this, ensure that your events are extremely engaging, participatory, and memorable.

The Format

To hold a one-of-a-kind online event, you’ll need to find the right virtual platform to bring your event online. Turn it into an interesting and memorable experience. Apart from that, you must carefully plan the framework of your virtual event in order to keep your participants engaged and engaged throughout. 

Answer the following questions: 

·      Do you wish to host a live or pre-recorded event?

·      How will you communicate with the attendees?

·      Will your event allow attendees to chat with each other?

Another important consideration is to determine your target audience’s expectations. It becomes easier to match their expectations and offer a realistic event with a deeper knowledge. You must guarantee that guests can easily engage and interact with other attendees and exhibitors.

Live Chat

It is critical to allow for two-way communication at any virtual event, whether it is a virtual conference, seminar, expo, or trade fair. To increase participation at your event, include elements like virtual socialising tables, online chat, and more. 

Attendees and sponsors may use virtual networking tables to make new contacts and produce more quality leads by using 1:1 and group conversation capability. 

Likewise, the online chat function allows players to converse in real time. It’s a successful method for re-creating on-site event experiences. The use of a B2B meetings planner to generate prospect leads during an online event is a strong strategy. If two persons agree that it is appropriate, they might agree on a suitable date to organise a meeting post the completion of the event.


Everyone enjoys playing games, whether they are physical, virtual, or hybrid. 

Including a fun aspect in your virtual events is a great way to get people excited about them. Games such as quizzes, trivia, guess who, and word games may enhance the impact and enjoyment of your events. Creative virtual games are a fantastic way to pass the time in between sessions.

Polls and Q&As

Seek for a virtual event platform which can help you conduct live polls and Q&A throughout sessions to provide presenters, organisers, and participants the opportunity to participate in real time. Allow participants to ask and answer pertinent questions throughout the presentation. 

Attendees will also have queries to discuss with the presenters if you provide outstanding information. Incorporate Q&A sessions in the same way that you would at a live event. It’s a terrific method to keep your virtual event guests engaged and intrigued.

Introduce Icebreakers 

Icebreaker exercises are a great way to get people involved and interested in your event. Attendee drop-off can occur when extended sessions are held with no engaging activity. As a result, attempt to include ice-breaker activities in between sessions to promote real-time engagement.

Appoint Prominent Speakers 

The substance of an event’s speakers plays a crucial influence in keeping your guests interested. Look for speakers that have a lot of knowledge in the subject and can give the information in a clear and concise manner. Try to have a range of presenters at the conference to keep the format interesting.

Maintain Smaller Sessions

The length of your meetings is a crucial consideration. 

Keeping sessions short or offering pauses between them guarantees that neither of your attendees become weary or distracted. We recognise that sitting in one spot for lengthy periods of time staring at a screen may be aggravating. 

As a result, it is critical to plan your sessions with occasional pauses. 

Consider scheduling intervals right before a crucial session so that attendees can refuel, and the objective of your event is clearly communicated.

Photo Booths

Incorporate photo booths to drive up engagement. Photo booths are unique characteristics that enable you to host a visually stunning and engaging virtual event. Online participants may snap many images and share them to their social media accounts. It will help you increase your social media presence and market your event and business to a wider audience. With event-specific hashtags, social walls compile feeds and postings from all social platforms. 

Create A Buzz

Increasing engagement at your virtual event by creating a buzz or enthusiasm is a good idea. You must properly publicize your event in order to make it very participatory and unusual. To increase the worldwide reach of your event, use social media channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to upload promotional videos and photos. 

Post some intriguing video or information that will entice more people to participate and create a buzz. Use event-specific and appealing hashtags to boost your social media presence. This will not only create excitement, but it will also advertise your brand and increase sales chances.

AI-Based Matchmaking

AI based matchmaking, a unique feature that allows you to meet like-minded individuals at online gatherings. As compared to offline events, we recognise that starting a discussion at virtual gatherings might be difficult. 

As a result, AI matchmaking programmes can provide you with a database of people that share your interests and objectives.

Remember to keep ahead of your opponents as you plan your forthcoming virtual event. Businesses are adapting their event strategies to take advantage of the virtual world

As a result, making your event a vivid and unusual experience for the guests becomes increasingly vital. Use the correct event technology to add amazing features that will increase engagement and lead generation.