5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year In The World

Places to Celebrate New Year

The end of this year is approaching and we are already anxious to welcome 2023. This date is always a good reason for celebration, giving thanks for everything we have experienced this year and asking for our wishes for the coming year. There are places where the New Year is lived with pure celebration. Here we tell you what they are, since you have to live, at least once in your life, this experience.

Here is the list of best places to celebrate the new year 2023 in the world

1. Goa, India

Goa is the place to be during the new year. With its unique culture and traditions, Goa welcomes everyone with open arms and makes them feel at home. The state is known for its vibrant local culture, beautiful beaches, and delicious food which make it a must-visit destination for every traveller. Check out here the best places to celebrate the new year in India.

2. Rio de Janeiro

Undoubtedly one of the most emblematic places to spend New Year’s in Rio de Janeiro. The famous “Reveillon” is celebrated on the beach and in white. It is the second biggest party of the year that this city has, after Carnival. Copacabana beach brings together some 3 million people who receive the year with music and fireworks. There are several stages located along the beach with musical bands playing different musical styles, from Brazilian samba to international rock and pop.

In addition to going all dressed in white to have luck and prosperity, another of the traditions that Brazilians have on this day is to go to the seashore at 12 o’clock and consecutively jump 7 waves, making a wish for the new year, for each one of them. The fireworks show lasts about 20 minutes and is a great show in itself. After this, there are many parties in bowling alleys and bars in Copacabana and on the neighboring streets.

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3. New York

Everyone’s big dream is to spend the holidays in New York, as we saw in many of the classic Hollywood movies of all time. To begin with, for us, it is already a novelty that it is winter. This gives it special magic, and Christmas is lived in the true Christmas spirit: everyone bundled up, with snow, Christmas lights and decorations.

New York also has several other condiments that make it a very special place to experience the end of the year. One of the most important traditions are the ice skating rinks, where hundreds of New Yorkers and tourists come to practice this sport among the skyscrapers. The most famous is The Rink at Rockefeller Center. In this same place, the lights of the largest and most important Christmas tree in the city are lit, marking the beginning of the Christmas season.

The Christmas markets are other things that cannot be missed by those who travel to New York at this time. Most open in November and close on the first days of January and sell everything from Christmas decorations, food, and gifts for this occasion.

The New Year is celebrated with a unique show in the famous Times Square, where the streets are closed and millions of people wait until 12 o’clock to see the ball drop and the fireworks, with live performances and concerts.

4. Sydney

Australia, due to its location, is one of the first countries in the world to receive the new year. Millions of people gather near Darling Harbor and the Opera House to witness the impressive fireworks display. Every year the new year is celebrated with a different theme, which seeks to reflect the spirit of the city. It is full of viewpoints from where you can see the fireworks.

Visitors who choose this destination to spend the New Year definitely do so because of the spectacular fireworks show. The show is centered around Sydney Harbor and there are many public viewing points. Whether viewing it from above, on a boat, or looking down from one of the harbor view restaurants and clubs, the experience is second to none. Another tradition is to see the boats parade in the Puerto de las Luces.

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5. Budapest

The New Year in Budapest is celebrated very cold, but also a lot of partying. The celebrations are very complete, including the fireworks show at 12 o’clock at night in front of the Chain Bridge over the Buda Castle, toasting with the classic Hungarian drink palinka. After the show, the young people take refuge in the famous ruin bars, where parties are held that last until dawn.

The next day, for those who survive the night, at the Budapest Opera there is a live music concert to ring in the year. Many also flock to the Szechenyi hot springs to ring in the year with a relaxing hot bath.

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