5 Common Types of Locks From Locksmith In Dubai

5 Common Types of Locks From Locksmith In Dubai

It won’t be easy to find a residential property without door locks. It is possible to find a residential space that does not have door locks. This could be because its occupants aren’t concerned about security, or they just live in a world that no one else knows. Door locks are an integral part of any residential space and an important part of safety and security. While most people know this, not all are familiar with the various types of door locks. It is crucial to choose the right door lock among all available options at Locksmith in Dubai. It is easy to see why: some locks work better for one situation than others. Homeowners and property managers will be able to choose the right locks for their needs by understanding the different types of residential door locks. Let’s begin!

1.   Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks can be used to secure most exterior doors. They are cost-effective, efficient, and common. The locking mechanism is based on a cylinder that runs through your door. It also has a keyhole outside. The key is turned and entered. A bolt within the cylinder turns sideways, and it locks the door. The strike plate is the rectangular piece of metal in the doorframe that helps keep the bolt in place and prevents it from splitting through the door frame if pressure is applied (such as when forced entry is attempted).

Because of their reliability, deadbolt locks are most commonly used on exterior doors. They can be used to lock cabinet drawers or doors. There are two types: a single cylinder or a double cylinder. One key is required for a single-cylinder, and you will only need it when you are outside. If you are inside, you will often find a knob that you can use to unlock or lock the deadbolt. However, a double cylinder requires a key regardless of which side you are on. These locks from Locksmith in Dubai are more commonly used when the door has windows attached. A burglar can also break those windows to gain entry to the house. But, double-cylinder locks can be dangerous because you will need a key to get out of your front door in an emergency like a fire.

2.   Knob Locks by Locksmith In Dubai

To secure interior doors, most people use knob locks. Because they don’t have a lot of security, knob locks can’t be used outside. When used in conjunction with deadbolt locks, these locks may be installed on outside doors to boost security. Unlike other types of locks from Locksmith Dubai JLT, the locking mechanism of doorknob locks is contained inside the doorknob. In order to lock these locks, you turn knobs.

3.   Cam Locks by Locksmith In Dubai

The Cam locks are a great choice if you want something simple. Cam locks from Locksmith services in Dubai are generally cheaper than the more expensive models, and even the most advanced ones can be purchased for as low as $20. Cam locks are made of a cylindrical base with a keyhole. A metal piece called the cam sits perpendicularly at the base’s end. The cam can be turned by inserting the key into the keyhole.

The cam is locked and fits into the strike plate attached to the door frame. The key can turn the cam up and down to unlock the door. There are many cams available for these locks, with the most popular being either straight or hooked. Straight cams simply fit into a strike plate. Hooked cams are made of a metal bar that turns into a strike plate. They have a small hook at the end that latches onto any item not attached.

Cam locks from Locksmith in Dubai are used to secure small compartments, such as cabinets and furniture. Cam locks are easy to install, are available in a variety of styles, and are common. Due to their simplicity, Cam locks are not designed to secure high-value containers. With some skill and effort, even the more expensive cam locks are possible to break into.

4.   Electronic Locks and Smart Locks

Electronic locks can be unlocked or locked without the need for keys. Instead, they have a keypad system or a card system where you can enter a code or a key to get in. In addition to hotels and commercial buildings, keyless locks are also becoming more common in apartment buildings and single-family homes.

Electronic locks can monitor their use and even maintain a journal of the dates and times of access into a property or room. It can track who has entered the lock by keeping track of the keycards used. This makes it easier to determine who went to the property and when. Locksmith Dubai price can help you find out if someone is doing something wrong, and it can also help improve security.

Smart locks from a Vehicle key maker near me are a new form of door lock rapidly gaining popularity. They can alter the way people handle their homes’ security fundamentally. An approved device must send instructions to the smart lock to open and lock it. These instructions are usually sent wirelessly and follow wireless communication rules.

5.   Glass Door Locks by Locksmith In Dubai

You’ve searched high and low for a lock that works with glass doors. There are many glass door locks at Locksmith in Dubai that can be used to suit your project. Many of them can be used in combination with the locks mentioned above. Glass door locks are often used to secure patio or backyard doors that have a view. Many glass door locks can be designed-oriented and stylish to blend in with the surrounding decor.

Glass doors are often used to create a natural atmosphere in the home. They are typically not bulky or large and therefore easy to penetrate. These locks do not interfere with the door’s design and can be used to close or open the door if it is unlocked. This is important to remember that if you are not experienced in working with glass, it may be difficult to install, change, or repair these types of locks. Most glass door locks from Locksmith international city Dubai are used for trophy cases, patio doors, and any other type of glass cabinet.


We didn’t look at all the door lock types available today. After all, there are so many options. You have many choices when it comes to door lock types. Although this may sound great, it can increase the likelihood of choosing the wrong type of door lock. Let’s say you leave today with something. It is the knowledge that you have a good understanding of your lock and the ability to research how it works, allowing you to choose the right door lock type for your residential property.