7 ways to build an effective social media brand strategy

Consumers, especially students, are shifting towards social media as students spend most of their time in front of the computer. Social media marketing is the most effective way, as new tools may help advertise the brand through banner and email marketing. Social media is significantly diversified as young individuals, particularly youth, move towards it. With the increase in I.T. infrastructure, the online population is growing tremendously. He uses T.V. channels, and radio has been declined. Branding through social media can be done through social media channels as well. Through social media, you can make an online campaign to promote your brand in your region and in the international market. But trust is most important, as you may see many online scams. You may boost sales online by interacting directly with the customer through social media. 

When we build a brand strategy we look for the best brands. Just like the VidaXL reviews testifies the presence of various top brands on their website. Each and every brand from VidaXL website is built with a strategy and that is why they are so successful.

Overview of social media networks:

Twitter may cover a larger audience through tweets and messages. As you may remember, an egg post on Twitter may go viral. The journalist got an offer from the world’s biggest brands to participate in it. The main feature of Twitter searches. You may search keywords to find tweets. Twitter is one of the most authentic platforms in the world in terms of brand marketing. Big brands and companies have Twitter-verified accounts to avoid scams. 

You use Facebook for the targeted audience, so your money & time will be spent on something other than unnecessary audiences. In addition, Facebook is one of the biggest markets in the world. So you may see Facebook branding on the different Facebook pages. 

Quora is a social media account where the individual can ask questions and get answers. You may have noticed that some solutions have indirect brand promotions. 

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where you may post videos and get views, like and subscribe to your channel. In addition, some videos have indirect brand promotions. 

Google plus has many features, like dividing your contact in circles with internal video calling functions. So, you may contact other social media marketing agencies, clients or big firms.

 You may find company profiles and CVs on LinkedIn. In addition, you may send messages & emails to firms directly instead of forwarding them through a third party. 

It may look good to find out slides on slide share. It may contain millions of presentations that can be downloaded or viewed.

You may take participation in polls or give opinions using Groupon and Living social. In addition, Bing local business, google places, and Yelp help to boost local directories. 

Creative branding through Facebook:

According to some reports, Facebook is growing by 88%, with over 800 million people using Facebook. Facebook is a very effective way to market your brand as it offers like, shares and subscribers to your brand. In addition, Facebook allows the user to promote a brand.

Make a Facebook page for targeting the audience:

You may love using a Facebook page, but a manager needs to continually manage these accounts. According to research, 90% of people search for their local business through Facebook, while 71% buy online. You may make a Facebook page to check out the gap & solve a problem. 

Audience engagement:

You’ll make a Facebook page of your classmates to increase your audience engagement. Then start a class discussion on your Facebook. You’ll find the number of participants starts growing. After graduation, you may make your group public and start uploading questions that attract a larger audience to discuss on your platforms. For example, you may discuss how to survive in the Covid lockdown, reduce depression, and ways to earn more. In contrast, studies or your studies-related questions like where I can use C++ and java as recently graduated students has similar questions in the mind. You may target the audience according to their interest.

Generate likes on Facebook:

You may place a like button linked to your Facebook account. Place an attractive picture on your social media page for more likes and subscriptions. You’ll upload the post at the correct time. You’ll notice that Steve Jobs may upload the post on every occasion, like religious festivals, national holidays or winning ceremonies. Create sympathy for your page, which may increase the number of likes, shares and subscriptions. 

Promote your products:

You’ll feel bold to promote the items you want to sell but keep in mind that advertising may be inappropriate as it may distract the audience. So instead, you may engage a much larger audience and promote your products while engaging content to attract more audience. So they may be directed towards development instead of conversation. 

Active on your social media page:

Fans may like to see the response on your social media page in the comments. However, it will be challenging if you are alone. You may require multiple teams to work on your social media platform, as It may be better to respond positively and appreciate others. It may be better to share yours on other Facebook pages. 

Share your Facebook page:

You may share your Facebook page links on other platforms to increase the audience. You only have to place a link on your brand’s social media page or website. But remember, the audience may be relevant to your audience. If you are a student and want to sell books online, place your Facebook page link on the platforms or pages where the students are the critical audience. It may be better to collaborate with other digital marketing agencies or pages. 

Educate your Fans:

As human nature, we may like new information instead of branding. So, give your audience want they want instead of promoting your brand. Although little promotion may be unnoticed by the audience. Like you may love getting more audience through Facebook marketing through new information your fans may like to share. When they give thumbnails on the informative post, you will get like, share and subscribe to it. Educational posts may increase social network links that may help in collaboration. 

Emotional post:

Emotional posts may increase audience engagement, like sympathizing with others on natural accidents, destruction due to heavy rainfall, religious occasions, and motivating on result day or national holidays. Facebook is actually an online podcasting platform that provides social interactions.

Your emotions give us the courage to live.

We often live for our children to see their success in our life. Still, if they may lose, we also emotionally support them in difficult times on social media. We respect our elders or heads, not because of fear but because emotions force us to do it. Our life may be full of emotions, especially during religious festivals like Christmas. You should speak with other team members to understand their thinking and emotions. 

Your emotions in daily life.

Like, a soldier, he loves to give up his life for the sake of his nation. If you notice in sports, the unbeliever performance of a player is possible when he has strong emotions. Some of us love to study because we are emotionally connected to our teachers. You often notice that your heart doesn’t agree to leave or change your house or workplace because you may have emotions and memories with the people around you. The best inspiration is religion. 

Your emotions may be miss used.

Emotions play a vital role in elections. Someone plays with your feelings and then leaves you when you may be useless. Online social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube use an algorithm that may use your emotions to get views. We’re familiar with the phrase, “empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another”.

Create laughter:

Unlike sadness and seriousness, you may love to create humour as the audience may. Especially youth love something funny, and the primary audience on Facebook is the younger generations. Although making fun of sorrows or another person’s may be inappropriate. You may make situational humour so that one heart may not be broken. Although more fun may be bad, try to be humorous when the audience may start disengaging. 

Twitter marketing strategy:


You may increase your Twitter followers as it will enhance your brand value. You may love to use weblinks and hashtags to improve retweeting and questioning. It will be advised to use something other than robots to increase the number of tweets. One study shows that retweeting of photos is at the rate of 35% while videos by 28%. 

Follower engagements:

Twitter may handle as many followers compared to other platforms, but tweets may be engaging. Like tweets that require discussion. Retweeting shows that the customer is showing interest in your work. 

YouTube marketing promotions: 

According to recent studies, younger youth may spend most of their time on YouTube as they may be exciting and engaging. You may open your YouTube channel and first attract the audience through interactive videos with a lot of information. When your viewership increases, place branding in between your videos. Check out viewers’ countries to make a more sophisticated plan for your branding.

LinkedIn marketing strategy:

It is the best ever platform for social media marketing strategy. It connects highly influential people and students in a way that you may direct messages to your clients. For example, suppose your brand is working on sales of graphics design or data sciences. So it may be better to reach out to clients directly by seeing their profiles. You can also do profound research on LinkedIn about companies, firms and individuals, as it is one of the most authentic platforms in the world. If you link this to your website, your website may be considered authentic and online traffic may increase. It also offers a blogging option in which you may write your research base work. Articles on it may get more views from professionals and the high-class elite. 

Slide share brand promotion:

You may often notice that some slides may contain brand promotion. If you are a school-going child and want to submit a PowerPoint presentation to your teacher, it may be straightforward to download from slide share. But if you notice that at the end of in between, you may see links to other websites or a company logo. Actually, it is a brand promotion, as PowerPoint presentation is the most effective way of advertisement. You may design your PowerPoint presentation so that brand promotion may be unnoticed by the users. You have to create exciting slides to get the views hip of primary students. It is also linked with the LinkedIn profile, so the more you upload the slides, the more the LinkedIn profile will increase in searches. Here the audience and mostly university students.

Research article marketing:

Students may publish many articles using direct science or other platforms, but you may do indirect branding. But you may keep in mind that you do a little branding, so viewers of your research article may not understand it. Like in a writer’s opinion, you may write about all brands or products but give preference for your brand. You may find fashion research articles mostly biased. So, check out an article on a research paper that shows biasing of multiple reports so you may understand better.

Quora brand marketing plan:

You may love to use quora to get your answers, but you have noticed that some of the answers have branding. For example, you may often see many solutions with biased opinions or links to other websites, so you may click on them and get massive traffic. You may also create questions to get more attention from the audience so they may look into your profile.

Competitors in the market:

You may search keywords on google or Bing. You will see your competitor. You’ll love to get great competition in the online market, so it may be better to use the checkout marketing strategy of your competitors. Like if you are an online book sale store, you should use strategy to market. It may be advised to refrain from starting the competition with big brands as it may be almost impossible to compete with already settled brands. Instead, try to find out the gaps where you may face less competition & needs less promotion. For example, if you want to sell online eBooks, try selling cheap storybooks, as you may find less competition. Consider the following to make a strong brand.


Consider making strong brands that may have compelling features and benefits. You may design beachwear outfits or translational books for a specific area. Like you have to target a particular audience. You may try to identify flaws that you may fix it. You can also get customer reviews. It will be better to find out where the other brand has yet to work if you notice that you’ll less likely find any brand working on board games online. 


Suppose you increase the price of your product. In that case, choosing a low-priced product is better because most of us belong to middle-class families. On the other hand, the upper class may love to use top brands. You can check out your competitive brands to adjust a competitive market price, so your brand stays in the market.


You may identify your brand and marketing techniques to make promotions through proper planning. You should keep in mind that social media promotions require much time to establish. Social media marketing is actually a game of the time. You may research through research papers and the internet about the current trend, buyers, and sellers, and identify problems or possible solutions proposed by you. You may use platforms to find vendors online. This may require devotion, loyalty and courage to work with patients to never give up. Do this part-time so that you never face a financial problem if your plan fails.

How to increase the traffic on the brand website? 

First, connect all the social media accounts together. For example, you may put a Facebook page link on quora while answering someone’s questions. You may also give comments on YouTube and add a link to it. It may be better to place Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram links on your website. But you may take the risk by changing the planning, like testing by placing more links on comments, adding to your Facebook account or uploading WhatsApp status.


If a player shows low performance to downgrade another player, the chance of losing the match increases. Likewise, we have good communication skills, which help us to make friendships in our company. Like if you give a smile while talking gives an excellent gesture to others. We may also decrease the grievances of others by managing efficiently. Like we have to give importance to our bosses, and with juniors, we may be strict about enhancing their performance. Although if they are feeling depressed, we can support them for better future work. 

Once Marc Brackett said,“My message for everyone is that if we can learn to identify, express, and harness our feelings, even the most challenging ones, we can use those emotions to help us create positive, satisfying lives.”