8 Essentials in a Classroom of Preschool in Noida

Preschool in Noida

We already know that preschool in Noida is a stepping stone for a child’s academic life. And, it leaves a long-lasting impact on the child. So, it is the duty of the parent to take care of the quality and resolve any constraints in the path. 

There are probably several preschools around your location, and they could follow varied educational philosophies, but, what is more, important while choosing a preschool are the features and facilities that it provides. 

What are the 8 essential criteria of a preschool room?

Proper selection of study materials and other engaging play activities helps in the new learning phases and develop concentration in a child. So, before you admit your child to any preschool, look at the preschool classroom must-haves list.

1. Study Area/Corner

There must be enough resources that the child can explore on their own. Books, magazines, and comics can make it fun to discover and learn new words and letters. Picture books and storybooks are the basic essentials of a reading corner of schools in Noida.

2. Floor cushions and mats

The child must be comfortable so that they do not panic. They need to feel relaxed while learning new things. So, the floor should also be comfortable enough. They can sit down, take a rest, play and learn. The best preschool in Noida usually takes care of these overlooked essentials.

3. Toys and learning tools

The selection of proper tools to engage the young mind is also very much essential. Preschool in Noida has blocks and puzzles that help them to discover, build and explore. Hands-on education allows them to understand various concepts, such as sorting, organisation, balancing and gravity.

4. Play area

A preschool child is full of imagination, so preschool in Noida must provide enough space to allow their creativity to levitate. There must be costumes or even puppets, dramatic effects to explore real-life scenarios and play areas to host drama. 

5. Choice of music

The importance of music in the development of a child is indeed powerful. Preschool in Noida must have music boxes to play soothing poems, rhymes or music. Some schools even add a small noise-making tool, like drums, that children can explore.

6. Comfort

School tables and chairs incorporate a sense of stability and manners within the child. A proper classroom in schools in Noida should provide comfortable seating, which helps a child to concentrate on learning.

7. Including Art Stationery

Every child is unique and has a unique way of expressing themselves. The school should provide them with the opportunity to express themselves through art. There must be proper art supplies, crayons, paper, colouring books, etc.

8. First Aid Kit

Preschool children are highly active and, thus, prone to accidents. So, the school authority must keep our first aid box handy to provide the preliminary medical assistance.


Preschools must have a solid reputation, passionate teachers, active learning process and child security. Parents should always be ready to support a child’s educational journey. So, trust your instincts and choose the best preschool for your child.