9 Best Sydney Attractions For The First Time Visitors

Sydney Attractions

You don’t want to be a tourist. That’s cool, but it means you’ll never be able to visit Australia again. But I have a question for you: how can you visit Sydney and not visit these best places in Sydney? Make sure to take pictures and prove that you’ve been there.

#1 Opera House

This famous building has been the top attraction on our list for decades. The most popular thing to do is to sit on the steps and get your picture taken. With all the famous buildings and monuments in Sydney, the Opera House is one of the most recognised landmarks. When I first saw it, it actually completely surprised me. It’s a different colour and bigger than I expected.

The Opera House is home to many organizations. The Australian Ballet, The Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Sydney Theatre Company are just a few that call this building home. If you are able to see one of these performances inside, it’s worth every penny.

It is always best to stop by one of the restaurants. You can get anything from a casual drink and appetizer to a formal dining experience.

#2 Harbour Bridge

The world-famous Harbour Bridge gets attention, of course. You can do a bridge walk or just admire it from below. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is probably best known for its New Year’s Eve fireworks display, which started back in1932.

#3 Darling Harbour

Visit Darling Harbour for a day of people-watching! This pedestrianised district is the perfect place to stroll and enjoy Sydney’s most popular attractions such as the Australian National Maritime Museum. The museum features some great exhibits and is just one of many awesome things to do in Sydney, such as kayaking around the harbour.

#4 Bondi Beach

This is your chance to see Bondi Beach! It’s famous for the beautiful surfers and the fact that on Christmas Day (you might remember that day?) the whole beach is filled with backpackers. If you’re short on time, don’t worry; just do the fantastic Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk.

#5 Sealife Aquarium

Wild Life Sydney and the Sydney Aquarium are next to each other and you can check out marine life in both places. There’s a lot to see in the aquarium, but my favourite is the penguin area. Seeing penguins in their habitat is just too adorable! You will see a dugong if you visit Sea Life Sydney. Sadly, they are a very rare sight in the wild. Visiting Sea Life Sydney is a must to see something different if you can’t make it to the Great Barrier Reef while in Australia.

#6 The Rocks

The Rocks is a historic, beautiful area of Sydney. Located not far from Circular Quay, it’s the perfect place to learn about Australia’s convict history and enjoy fantastic shopping at The Rocks Markets every weekend.

There are many pubs here, old and new. But there are also some really nice shopping areas with lots of boutiques. It’s a mix of old and new. Make sure to go to Pancakes on The Rocks for an afternoon snack!

#7 Sydney Zoo

You might think Darling Harbour is not very big, but did you know there’s a zoo here too? Yes, it’s not the biggest zoo in the world, but you’ll get to meet koalas, kangaroos and platypuses. The zoo offers various walkabout zones. These zones are great for you to explore, including the Kangaroo Walkabout and Devils Den.

#8 Harbour Cruise

Sydney is an incredible city. If you’re looking for a way to get out on the water, your options are plentiful but, don’t fret! The cheapest way to see the city is by taking the ferry. This will give you the chance to see Sydney’s famous icons from another angle, possibly interact with marine life, and make your destination which is more often than not Manly.

#9 Hyde Park

Lately I’ve been walking in the park to take my mind off of the busy city. Hyde Park is a nice, relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of city life. You’ll find interesting figures and monuments, as well as the famous Archibald fountain. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to sunbathing here – it’s the oldest park in Australia.

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