Aha Software: Are The Five Star Reviews True?

Aha Software

Before you set out to purchase a software to help you manage your work, we want to help you figure out which software would actually be fitting for your needs. In this piece, before we dive into the nitty gritty details of Aha software demo, we want to tell you about the software itself. The company behind this software was founded back in 2013 and since then has been steadily growing. The name Aha software is very well recognized at this point, with people already knowing what the software has to offer. 

Aha software is a project management software unlike any other because of the number of benefits the software affords you. From managing several projects at the same time to simplifying your needs for project management. The software is one of a kind and allows you to make things simpler at work. In this piece, we will not just be telling you about some of the winning features of this software but also tell you about its pricing, Aha software demo and more. Keep reading if you want to be informed about everything there is to know about this software! 

Five Features to Know About Aha Software

Create ‘Features’

The first thing we want to tell you about as far as Aha software features go is the ‘features’ feature itself. Yes, it is a little confusing but the ‘features’ feature on this software allows you to break your project down into smaller categories which in turn makes it easier for you to attain your goal at the end because it is easier to complete smaller tasks than one huge one. This feature ultimately makes it easier to plan your projects as it allows you to break a bigger project down into smaller more easily doable tasks. All in all, this feature is very helpful in how much easier it makes to get work done!  

Create Roadmaps 

The roadmaps feature in Aha software is one we encourage you to check out in your Aha software demo because of how easy it makes things for you. The feature is wonderful and we suggest you check it out for yourself in a trial or demo of the software. The feature allows you to make a roadmap for what you intend your project to look like. This helps you map out the visuals for your project which makes it easier for you and your team to know how you should carry forward with the project manaement software, and what steps come when. All in all this feature really makes planning projects and executing them much easier than before! 


Collaborating on a project is essential when you are working in a team and Aha software makes it much easier to do so. The dashboard for the software is visible to everyone and hence everyone can be on the same page and see the project details and progress. Tasks when they are completed can be added directly to the software so that you and your team can all view the work that has been done. Moreover, your team can leave comments, feedback, notes, edits on your tasks as well which makes it easier to collaborate. Previously you would have had to send the task to each team member separately but this feature allows you to merely upload it in one place and everyone can have a look at it in their own time! 


Integration is very important when it comes to a project planning software and with the Aha software, you do not need to worry about it. This software allows you to integrate various software onto it with no issues whatsoever. If you and your team use Microsoft teams to communicate, you can integrate it into this software. If you and your team use Google calendars, you can integrate it into this software as well. All in all, this software really allows for you to make it easier on yourself to integrate everything in one place so you do not have to update different platforms separately but can do it in one place. 

Pricing for Aha Product Management Software

In terms of pricing, Aha product management software is very mid ranged. The software has several plans which you can look at and subscribe to according to your needs. The software has a start up plan which targets the needs of a new business and costs $59 a month. The more expensive plans for bigger well established companies can cost as much as $149 a month and give you access to more features as well. 

We highly suggest reaching out to the vendor and asking for a Aha software demo or perhaps a trial. The software offers a 30 day free trial for users which makes it even easier for you to make a decision in regards to the software. 

Which Software you Should Check Out

Now we reach the end of our piece and have some advice on how to determine whether Aha software is right for you. We suggest you read as many user Aha software reviews as you can to see what users of the software think of it in the long run. 

And we highly recommend you ask for a Aha software demo or a trial of the software before you embark on your journey to purchase the software. Having firsthand experience with the software will allow you to make things easier for yourself since you will already know what to expect!