AnimixPlay: Is It Safe For Android & IOS Users?


AnimixPlay is a website and app available for users to keep track of their favourite anime shows and movies. You can keep track of all your favourite anime shows through notifications. You can choose when the notification should alert you. To put it in a simpler perspective, it works similar to setting up a calendar reminder. You can set the reminder to occur 15 min, 30 min or whatever your time preference may be! This takes us to the next question.

Is AnimixPlay safe?

As it is available on the Google play store for android phone users as well as on IOS for iPhone users, you can imagine they would have tested it is safe from malware and viruses. However, don’t go by what I say, do your own research and if you feel comfortable only then download the AnimixPlay app.

AnimixPlay app features for IOS users:

– No registration required

– Credit card details not required

– App is free of cost

– Easily follow and unfollow anime series

– Search and sort your favourite shows

– Hide shows that you have already watched

– Receive notification straight to your Iphone before next show is up

AnimixPlay app features for Android users:

– Huge list of anime shows

– Comfortable viewing options with dark mode

– Bookmark your favourite anime series or episode

– High quality anime pictures

– Not required to sign up or create account

– Download the app free of charge

Note: These apps for IOS and android are for following your favourite anime shows and to receive notifications instead of streaming or downloading.

AnimixPlay Google chrome extension:

The chrome extension of AnimixPlay only designed to provide status and features updates. The extension is available free of cost to chrome users. However, in my opinion, there is no real use for the extension as the app provides notifications itself.

What is AnimixPlay APK?

AnimixPlay APK is a tool that allows you to stream or download your anime to your device. Whether it is legal or illegal, I will leave that decision up to you. However, with this tool you can search thousands of tv series and movies. Some of these may even offer audio dubbed version in different languages to entertain users from various backgrounds.

AnimixPlay Twitter

AnimixPlay has a twitter page as well that you can follow to get up to date information including issues with website or app. This is good way to keep yourself in check to avoid any disappointment. You can get troubleshooting assistance through their twitter page as I was able to find few steps tweets that share steps to fix an error if have issues with loading the website.

Alternative to AnimixPlay app:

There are several alternatives to AnimixPlay app to watch anime shows. However, each of them have their features that makes them unique in some ways. Some of those apps are YouTube, Cruchroll, Tubi, Retrocrush. Alternatively, you can try other online resources to stream online for free.