Best Hospitals in Pakistan and Challenges of Health Sector


In the times of Covid, every day we used to see the latest news in Pakistan that hospitals are filled, beds are occupied, and cannot admit more patients. Even the best hospitals in Pakistan could not handle the situation very well. Every person who suffered from the covid will have a painful story to tell about how they fought for theirs and their loved ones’ lives because of the lack of the best hospitals in Pakistan and healthcare facilities.

Pakistan is a developing country and there are many issues yet to be addressed, but healthcare is the major problem that immediately needs to be dealt with. People are suffering from a lack of basic healthcare facilities. And a specific class is enjoying the quality services from private hospitals or from abroad. The majority of the population cannot afford these facilities. These are some of the most common issues our public hospitals are facing.


Lack of responsible staff

This is the major issue of our public hospitals that the entire staff of the hospital is insensitive to patients and their conditions. You have to wait in line and the procedure takes hours. When you finally get to your turn, the doctors seem to be least interested in the patient. They barely take any interest in the patients and don’t even listen to their problems. And one issue which is raised in Pakistan’s latest news very often is that every doctor has opened his own private clinic with double charges. Healthcare has become the business for these doctors.

Poor infrastructure

The situation of the best hospitals in Pakistan in terms of infrastructure and cleanliness is nothing hidden from anyone. There is a serious lack of beds and other important equipment which has to be available in every hospital. But many people lose their lives because of a lack of beds and ventilators. People in serious conditions couldn’t get the needed treatment at the right time, which has resulted in countless life losses. Even the best hospitals in Pakistan do not have the facilities which are up to the mark.

Lack of qualified doctors

In public hospitals, there are highly qualified doctors on the senior levels. But emergency wards and OPD are usually run by the house job doctors who are inexperienced and are not completely qualified to treat people. Senior doctors leave even the serious matters to the students and many cases get more complicated due to the inexperienced staff and the non-serious attitude of senior doctors.

We have often seen in Pakistan the latest news about how a doctor left a surgical tool inside the patient during surgery. And how any staff member gave a patient the wrong injection which causes the life loss of a person. We see many protests by the families because of these reckless mistakes by unprofessional doctors and hospital staff.

Lack of medicines  

Many people know that the medicines in public hospitals are free for deserving people. The medicines in the emergency ward are for free as per government policy. But there is always a shortage of medicines in public hospitals. Even if they are available, the hospital staff tries to sell them to the people in need to make money. And there is no monitoring or check and balance on these issues.   

Poor monitoring system

The reason why our policies don’t get implemented is that there is no check and balance and monitoring and evaluation system. We may see the results of one policy in the best hospitals in Pakistan, but other hospitals remain the same. Government just makes a policy and doesn’t follow up about how it’s getting implementation. They just gather some votes in the name of these policies and nobody listens to the public who actually suffers from this negligence of government representatives. No strict actions are there in case of the violation of these rules and policies.

Even the condition of private hospitals in other cities is the same as public hospitals. See the best hospitals in Multan, Hyderabad, or Rajanpur, there is the same lack of facilities in these private hospitals because the other small cities are not the priority of the governments. Nobody is there to ask and nobody to hear from the poor and needy. Even though we read articles on the condition of the best hospitals in Pakistan in international news, still there is no progress.