Car Dash Cam Not Recording? Tremendous Methods To Fix It!

Car Dash Cam

Nowadays everyone wants their security whether it is at home or in a vehicle. If you want security in your home, then you can do it with the help of a security camera.  But if you want security in your vehicle i..e car then you can easily get it. There is a camera for the car which is easily installed in the car and gives full protection to your car. The Car Dash Cam is entirely designed for your car.

You can easily install this camera in your car and protect your car completely. In this camera, the 1080p resolution is equipped to accurately record the full HD quality video. This car came fully waterproof then you can easily install it on the outside of the car. The front wide-angle is 170° & the rear angle is 130°. This angle completely helps eliminate the blind spots of your vision.

Moreover, the variable sensitivity G-sensor is equipped in this camera that completely detects the motion & provides full security. Car Dash Cam supports a 32GB Micro SD card, the Micro SD card slot is there in this camera. The reverse mode is also equipped in this camera that is completely more useful. Through the iOS & Android app, the dash cam setup is effortless & very fast. You can use this app on your mobile phone and accurately perform the setup. 

Causes: Car Dash Cam Not Recording videos

The Car Dash Cam perfectly works in your car and records HD quality videos. But sometimes, it does not record the videos then the user faces issues. If it does not record the videos then you should verify the issues. There can be many cases due to which this camera does not record the videos, that issue is as follows.

  • Battery power too low or damaged
  • Camera’s firmware version is outdated
  • Using a wrong SD card
  • SD card is corrupted
  • Battery is not installed

Some methods to fix the issue: Car Dash Cam Not Recording

If the Car Dash Cam is not recording the videos then the user will be fully tense. There are some common issues, by which your wireless camera is not working. If you wish to resolve this issue manually in an accurate manner, then you can follow some given below methods & quickly resolve the issues.

Verify the battery

Many times there is no battery inside the security Car Dash Cam, due to which it does not record the video. If there is no battery inside the camera then it will not work and neither will your video be recorded. So you should thoroughly verify the battery to fix the note record issue. If there is no battery then you should install the battery instantly. For this, you have to open the battery cover and verify that the battery slot is properly clean. If it is not clean then you should clean it in the proper manner.

If the battery is installed but your camera is not working, then it means that the battery power is low. You can take a power adapter and properly plug it into the power supply & dash camera. Now, your camera is charged, and the recording function is accurately working. 

Upgrade the car camera firmware to the latest version

If the firmware version of your camera is outdated, your Car Dash Cam will not record the video. To resolve the issue in a quick manner, you should properly verify the firmware version. To check the version, you can use the car camera IP address. This IP address is input in the web utility. Then, you can get the login window, you can enter the admin password, and properly log in to the account. Now, visit the setting and select the firmware upgrade option. If the firmware is actually outdated then you can upgrade it. After that, it properly records the videos in the proper manner. 

Using a correct SD card

Many times it happens that you use the Wrong SSD card, due to which the video which is there is not able to be recorded. If Car Dash Cam is not recording the video then you should verify the SD card. Furthermore, many times it happens you use the correct SD card but do not install the SD card pro[er manner. If you do not install in an accurate manner. Then your video is not recorded. To resolve the issue, you should verify the SD card and its installation. If the SD card is wrong then you can use the correct SD card. This SD card is properly installed in the SD card of the car’s wireless camera. 

Format SD card

If the car camera is not recording the videos then the issue could be that the SD card that is being used does not have storage. If not enough storage is there in the SD card then it does not record the videos. To resolve the issue, you should verify the storage spackle in your SD card. If the storage space is really full then you should format the SD card. If you format the card then there are chances of getting the issue fixed. Thus, the format SD card is the best solution to fix not recording the videos. 

Reset the wireless security cam 

If the Car Dash Cam does not record the videos then you can perform the reset. The rest is the best & optimum solution to accurately resolve the issue. The reset button is placed in this camera, then you can easily perform the reset through this button. 

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