ChartLogic Review: A Run Down Of 2022’s Famed EHR


About ChartLogic EHR  

ChartLogic is one of the best EHR Software recommendations for all medical practices. The software seamlessly fits the clinic’s needs and allows care providers to efficiently enhance their financial and clinical performance. In addition, it is well-known for improving healthcare outcomes by engaging patients in care management.   

This comprehensive healthcare suite includes EMR software, Practice Management software, and medical billing services. E-prescription, voice recognition, patient portal, performance reporting are its prime functionalities. As a result, it significantly helps private practitioners to gain a competitive edge over competitors.   

Benefits of Using ChartLogic EHR Software   

You should know a particular vendor benefits you in the long run, and ChartLogic is no exception. First, you need to understand how it shapes clinical activities. Next, you must consider whether it will align its features to your clinical goals for improving patient services. Let’s look into the excellent benefits of ChartLogic EHR.  


Being an eminent EHR software, ChartLogic features exceptional interoperability capability. The interoperability of this system allows you to exchange and share crucial information with various care organizations to deliver improved care to patients. Furthermore, it helps patients as they can quickly consult multiple providers by requesting them to share the information.   

Specialty-specific Vocabulary   

ChartLogic provides an extensive clinical library comprised of specialty-specific vocabulary. It allows to the creation of patient charts that suit the individual needs. And when coupled with the customizable templates, it works wonders. You can readily process patient symptoms by using the specified pre-built templates.   

Enhanced Patient Care   

This EHR solution helps provide quality care to patients with intuitive care management services. It even features a decision support system to help providers make effective decisions by providing aggregated clinical data tp-the-point of care.  Adding to it, it assures there is no gap in care by ensuring a seamless flow of critical information to avoid misinterpretations.   

Clinical Efficiency   

The powerful system lowers the probability of errors by digitizing clinical data and automating organizational operations. And thus, improves the overall clinical efficiency and staff effectiveness by reducing workload to a minimum.  It even carries out complex processes like reporting within minutes, saving precious time for clinical staff.   

Features of ChartLogic EHR:  

Here are the top features of ChartLogic EHR you should know of.   

Dashboard Feature   

With the dashboard of ChartLogic EHR, you can easily access any feature. Also, you can switch between desired tabs at any moment. In addition, the dashboard gathers vital information for day-to-day operations, such as patient visits, to-do lists, and many more. The reviews of ChartLogic EHR show how productive its dashboard is in handling operational tasks efficiently.   

Electronic Prescription   

Filling prescriptions is pretty simple with ChartLogic EHR software. It is indeed an exceptional functionality for how it proposes accurate medication dosage. You can prescribe medication digitally by referring to vital medical records. This way, you can avoid drugs your patients are allergic to and more. These can be shared with the pharmacies directly.   

Voice Recognition Feature   

ChartLogic EHR features a potent voice recognition tool that enables you to dictate and navigate your notes. It effortlessly converts all text into proper words, and you can even insert data into the sub-templates. As it fastens the note-taking process, patient encounters become rapid yet effective and spare time to look after more patients.   

ChartLogic Telehealth   

Out of all the features offered by ChartLogic EHR, it is of utmost importance. The telehealth service significantly helped providers amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. You can deliver virtual care to your patient through a secured online interface using this feature. It is a cost-effective and convenient care delivery method beyond the location barriers.   

Medical Billing Solution   

With the medical billing services of this vendor, you don’t have to be concerned about overdue payments. ChartLogic EMR handles all prices excellently by keeping records of all billing statements. It sends notifications to patients to take care of uncleared invoices. Also, it ensures error-free bills processing by coordinating all software modules. 

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What Do ChartLogic EHR Reviews Tell Us  

Reviews of ChartLogic EHR present a clear picture of what the vendor holds for you. It elaborates its key functionalities from the perspective of its current customer base. The reviews even highlight the drawbacks and limitations, presenting you with an unbiased outlook of the solution. On the good side, users laud its flexibility, friendly interface, and transparency on the good side.   

The reviews show how users praise ChartLogic EHR for how it puts its services together for a seamless experience. It even streamlines the entire documentation process by customizing its services to the user’s preference. However, a prominent issue people face with its services is it is difficult to import and export information. As a result, the data gets stuck, which hinders clinical processes.  

ChartLogic Pricing  

ChartLogic EHR has a distinctive pricing model quite different from other healthcare ER solutions. According to ChartLogic EHR reviews, it is one of the most affordable and cost-effective EHR solutions in the market. In addition, its unique billing approach makes it a budget-friendly option, especially for small practices.   

The software charges just a chuck of monthly revenues, or we can say a set percentage of total revenue collection. Simply put, the vendor charges a small portion of revenue per month. If a practice earns nothing in a month, it has nothing to pay for. Normally, CharLogic EHR pricing structure range from 3% to 6% of monthly revenue with no exception.   

Final Thoughts about ChartLogic EHR?  

Now you are probably wondering if we recommend you to give ChartLogic EHR a go or not.  

We cannot dictate if this vendor is a suitable fit for you, but we can help you reach a conclusion. Therefore, before buying ChartLogic, we suggest that you make a checklist of features you would ideally want and then compare it with the features offered by the vendor.   

If ChartLogic EMR offers your desired features, go ahead with it. We highly recommend scheduling the ChartLogic EHR demo as it will help you evaluate the tools and services of the software in real-time situations. You should look for the features you listed down during the ChartLogic demo to see how effective the system is.