Common terminology associated with Aluminium Railings

For a layman, the term railing has a very simple meaning. But when it comes to redefining your space, the word railing comes with a whole new set of vocabulary. It is very important to at least understand the basic terminologies associated with railings, especially if your space is located in a metropolitan city like Delhi. Aluminium railings in Delhi is an old but still very popular trend. The best part about the culture of aluminium railings in Delhi is that there is a lot to choose from and redo your space. In this article, we will be learning about the various terminology associated with aluminium railings. This will give us better insight, as to when to choose aluminium railings.

Aluminium Railings:-

An aluminium railing can be defined as a barrier or a fence made of aluminium used either for safety, style, assistance in movement or for ensuring that unwanted people and animals stay out of the space boundary. Apart from aluminium railings also come a variety of other options such as iron, steel, wood and vinyl.

Aluminium Guard Railing:-

Aluminium guard railings are manufactured to provide extreme safety and protection. They are usually placed on a porch, balconies.

Aluminium Assist Railing:-

These kinds of aluminium railings are designed to help the individuals in the movement. These are normally found in the stairways and on-ramps. They are also at times called aluminium handrails. Aluminium Assist Railing is also attached to guard rails in many cases especially in staircases to attain a suitable height.

Aluminium Top Railing:-

Aluminium top railings can be defined as the horizontal component at the highest point of normal aluminium railings.

Aluminium Bottom Railing:-

Aluminium Bottom Railing can be defined as the horizontal component closest to the ground. Unlike aluminium top railing, this one is not a decorative part of the railing.

Aluminium Post Railing:-

Aluminium Post Railing can be defined as the vertical portion of the railing that is meant to support the top and the bottom through the aluminium rail brackets. The basic purpose here is either to end a railing section that allows for a turn or add support to the middle of the aluminium railing system.

Aluminium Picket:-

Aluminium pickets are used to connect the top and the bottom of the aluminium rail in spaces between two posts.

Aluminium Square Railing:-

Aluminium Square Railing, as the name suggests is a railing system that mainly uses square components to complete the structure.

Aluminium Pipe Railing:-

The Aluminum pipe railing system uses around pipe for the formation of railings. They are mostly used in municipal locations such as sewage and water treatment plans.

Aluminium Pipe Picket Railing:-

This one is an advanced version of aluminium pipe railings. It adds round pickets to form a complete guardrail system.

Aluminium Cable Railing:-

In this kind of aluminium railing system, the only difference is that the middle space is replaced by horizontal cables. The addition of horizontal cables represents a more architectural look.

Pre-assembled Aluminium Railings:-

In this particular railing system, the sections of the aluminium railings system are assembled. This simply makes the job of an installer very easy and quick.

Knocked Down Aluminium Railings:-

This aluminium railing system is the most popular with many organisations. In this kind of railing system all the components of the railing system act as stand-alone items.

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Aluminium railings in Delhi are one of the most popular railing systems and the best kind of aluminium railings are manufactured by Satkartar Glass Solutions, the pioneer of such installations. The choice of the right kind of aluminium railings can not only help you beautify your space but can also save you a good amount of money.