How Do I Connect With QuickBooks Self Employed Customer Support

Quickbooks Customer Support

Did you stuck somewhere in the QuickBooks? Are you really helpless in fixing issues in QuickBooks? Are you looking for some expert’s one to one guidance? Do you want to get connect with QuickBooks Self Employed Customer Support? Then, you don’t need to worry at all. As in this article, we come up with the best ways by which you can easily connect with How Do I Talk to a Real Person at Quickbooks. Just stay with this article till the end. We let you help with the best possible steps by which you will no longer be searching for the ways to connect with QuickBooks customer.

The Best three ways

  • Live Chat with Bot: Intuit has made it easy for its users to get connect with its available bots 24 x 7 for any kind of QuickBooks assistance. With this service of QuickBooks, you don’t need to waste your time on calling and ringing the phone. You can immediately consult with QuickBooks chat bots through a live chat. In this article, we will learn the easy steps of arranging live chat with Bots. Remember if you are an android user or using an iOS. The steps for live chat with bot are completely different. We will discuss later in this article. Till then stay with us.
  • Over the Phone with Human: Now you can easily get connected with our experts in human through our CPA DESK. You just need to make a call at +1-800-662-8617 and wait for a while. If it is ringing it means our self-employed customer support team is with another client. Once you get connected, take assistance as you required. In this way, you can connect our self-employed customer support apart from chat bot help. Later, we will discuss the steps of making a phone call with humans in QuickBooks. Till then, let us enjoy to know another way of connecting.
  • Community of Self-Employed users: Intuit let its users enjoy a community of like-minded people that are going through with the same issues and challenges in QuickBooks. These like-minded people never mind to help each others. Learn from their mistakes and come up with the solutions of their experiences in self employed QuickBooks. So, you can join this an exclusive community of QuickBooks self employed users and enjoy the benefit of exchanging QuickBooks ideas for unlimited life time period.

In this article, now we will discuss about the easy steps for the above-mentioned ways of connecting with QuickBooks Self Employed Customer Support.

Steps to Live Chat with Bot.

When you live chat with bot, you will get all the personalized answers to your questions. Below are some easy steps.

  • If you are on web browser
    • On the top bar of the QuickBooks Screen, you will see Assistant. You can click on it.
    • You can ask general questions here. As a display box of live chat with bot will appear in your screen. You can ask questions to know your total earnings for this year or any other that you want to ask.
  • If you using an iOS
    • You will see + button on the dashboard. You need to click on it.
    • Now you should select for Ask QB Assistant.
    • You can ask general questions here. A bot will help you in answering your question. If a chat bot will not be able to help, he will ask you to contact our CPA DESK over phone.

Steps to connect over the phone to QuickBooks Self Employed Customer Support

Below are some key points to remember.

  • You can contact us Monday to Friday 6AM to 6PM and on Saturday 6AM to 3PM.
  • You can call us directly by typing “Talk to human”.
  • You should now select preferred support method. Click on anyone among.
  • Message to an agent (For Live Chat).
  • Call an agent over phone.
  • Arrange a Call Back.

Learn to Join the community of Self-Employed Users

  • You can see Join the Conversation in the Dashboard. You can click on it.
  • You should now sign in/login in with details to continue.
  • Now join the exclusive community of self-employed users so that you can ask questions and get experienced answers.

Apart from live chat, connect over phone and joining large community of self-employed users, you can also invite an accountant. With this, you can let him review your accounting in self employed QuickBooks. On your behalf, he will make corrections and do the tricky transactions. Inviting accountant will be more helpful during tax sessions. Below are some easy steps.

Learn to invite an accountant.

  • You should login to QuickBooks Self Employed.
  • As you see the profile icon, select it.
  • Choose Accountant.
  • Next you will see Invite your Accountant Field. You can enter accountant’s email address for sending an invitation.
  • Choose done.

We hope you find this article helpful in understanding the various ways and their steps to connect with QuickBooks Self Employed customer support.

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