CRM Automation Testing Is The New Focus For Businesses

CRM Automation Testing

Ensuring a successful CRM implementation requires a focus on business purpose, robust business processes, and a focus on implementation quality. The OdiTeks Center of Excellence for Verification and Validation helps you achieve higher quality and better ROI by leveraging a combination of our testing expertise, CRM testing frameworks, and accelerators. Our targeted CRM testing services reduce testing costs and time through managed and automated testing services. With in-depth knowledge of various industries and more than 5 years of testing experience, we offer a specialized testing environment for Oracle Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP CRM applications. OdiTeks’ approach to CRM testing consists of a modular structure and predefined test resources. Salesforce Test Automation lets you test your Salesforce app using a variety of tools.

Salesforce Test Automation

As in the sales department, we use test automation to help companies reduce potential additional costs. Thus, Salesforce Test Automation helps to increase the speed of execution, while ensuring maximum efficiency. Automated testing reduces test repeatability by improving the efficiency of applications built into Salesforce, improving testing quality, and allowing testers to focus on risk analysis by enabling faster testing, debugging, and exploratory testing. As such, it turns out to be a significant benefit of using Salesforce test automation.

Track software defects

Now that Salesforce has test automation, test teams can easily track all kinds of software defects. All of this translates into a higher net return on investment (ROI), which tends to increase the credibility of using test automation in Salesforce. Automated tests are extremely effective when it comes to time-consuming and data-driven tests such as regression tests and usability tests. If a company uses automated testing, this becomes even more important.

Lose Your Competitive Edge

You also lose your competitive edge as your competitors use a reliable and proven CRM so they have complete visibility to all of their data. Implementing automated testing in Salesforce allows testers to focus on more important tasks rather than manual testing. Ideally, testing teams should have a handful of testing experts who are knowledgeable about the specifics of CRM testing and common scenarios. It is important for quality assurance professionals to check CRM after upgrades, even if the CRM was tested before new features are available.

Tactic used by Companies

This is a tactic used by companies and these processes need to be tested before they can be customized. However, it’s important to note that automated tests are more useful when it comes to long-term test projects. If you are wondering if you need to test CRM, the following questions may help you. Microsoft provides periodic updates to Dynamics 365, and because your entire business depends on it, your IT team must thoroughly test each update to ensure that all critical workflows are working as expected.


I am trying to use javascript to fill in the form and then save it, hoping I can use these scripts to set some test data. They should regularly review and improve test cases and test scripts. A team of professional testers is committed to maintaining quality at all stages of the project. I also started testing D365 recently, but I need a faster way to set up my test data.