Tips on Designing the Perfect Custom Cardboard Boxes

Custom Cardboard boxes

The cardboard boxes are without any doubt the kings of the packaging industry. They are everywhere. Whether it is a lotion bottle or heavy industrial equipment, everything wears a customized cardboard box before it is available for the customer. 

Cardboard boxes are available in varying strengths depending upon the weight and nature of the product and the degree of protection required. Besides, the exceptionally high degree of customizability offered by cardboard box manufacturers is one of their greatest plus points in the world of custom packaging boxes. They support all types of printing options and can be designed in as many ways as you may imagine.

Moreover, since the cardboard is biodegradable, it has become one of the most favorite packaging materials for the eco conscious companies and customers. It is a great way of putting a halt to the non degradable packaging waste. Cardboard can be easily recycled and reused.

Here are a few tips on how you can make your custom cardboard boxes stand out from the others. 

Custom Cardboard Boxes are All about Precision

Customized boxes are mainly about precision and accuracy. These are the tailor made boxes made according to your product’s specific dimensions. Hence, while you get your custom boxes manufactured by a packaging company, make sure they take care of accuracy in size and shape.

Your product should snugly fit into the box. The box should leave some finger space for easily taking out and inserting the product. But it should not allow free movement of the item inside because a lot of free space can damage the product during transit.

The best way to ensure the accuracy of size and shape is with the help of a sample. Most of the box manufacturing companies provide a 3D or flat digital sample for the box. This sample is mostly complementary and you don’t have to pay extra for it. It helps you ascertain the final look of the box once your logo is printed on it. 

However, it does not help you get an idea about how your product would fit into the box. It is highly recommended that you ask for a physical sample. It may cost you a bit extra but it is worth the amount spent. It will help you save yourself from a lot of frustration afterwards.  

Design Your Custom Boxes in Accordance with Your Customers’ Demographics

Designing a custom box means putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience. It is a very thoughtful process and demands a lot of homework. You first need to take a plunge into the minds of your customers to find out what would interest them. After all, your packaging will serve as your brand’s identity for its lifetime. 

Hence, it is important that you do your homework before settling on a final box design. Keep your customers’ demographics in mind, this will help you reach a design which will be capable of alluring our target audience. 

Whether it is the specific graphic of your brand, its logo, the color of your brand, or even the way you align the text on the box, everything is going to create an impact and give an overall image for your brand. Make it as relatable for your audience as possible. 

Never Compromise on the Quality of Packaging Material and Printing

When you order cardboard boxes from a packaging company, make sure they are conscious about using only the best possible equipment. They should be using the most advanced printing material so that the results are nothing less than the best. 

No matter which type of printing you go for, the company should have the latest equipment for it. Besides, their printing staff should also be qualified enough to put that equipment to its best use. Make sure they use the best quality inks and guarantee the highest precision of colors. Low quality, substandard printing or poorly made boxes can create havoc for the image of your company. 

Moreover, never compromise on the quality of the material used for your boxes. Choose the stock option carefully according to the weight of your product. And make sure the packaging companies in USA use the high end packaging material. Besides, go for the additional reinforcements at the crucial points if needed. 

If you go for the die cut boxes, only choose that packaging company which uses the quality die and plate. It should rely only on the computer operated die machines for providing the highest degree of accuracy. The window cutting tool needs to be done with accuracy. 

Here again, it is always advisable that you ask for a physical sample before placing a final order for your cardboard box. This will not only help you get an idea about the precision of size but also about the quality of material and the finishing of the box. Besides, you can have a look at the quality of print as well.