Danna Paola Height, Weight, Age, Networth, Family, Education, Career 

Danna Paola Height, Weight, Age, Networth, Family, Education, Career 


Until the Netflix crime drama Elite debuted, the world had never heard of Mexican actress Danna Paola. And she was a star in Latin America since she was a child, not just in movies but also as a singer. There are several studio albums in Spanish by Danna Paola. “

Infancy And Adolescence

A native of Mexico’s capital and “heart,” Mexico City, Danna Paola Rivera Mungia was born on June 23, 1995. When he fathered her, Patricia Mungia’s husband, Juan José Rivera Arellano, was in the bands Grupo Ciclón and Los Caminantes.

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Parents Separation

Her parents set her apart when she was a child. As is customary, both Danna Paolo and her older sister Vania remained with their mother. Daughters could earn their own money despite their mother’s lack of employment. The Mexican version of Sesame Street, Plaza Sésamo (1999), accepted their audition despite their youth, appearing in several episodes.

Bravo Awards

Either Danna Paola was a more gifted child than previously thought, or the filmmakers paid closer attention to her. Rayito de Luz (2000) and Mara Belén (2001), a children’s television series, were her first starring roles, both when she was just 5 years old. The actress won the Bravo Awards for her impressive performance, but the most important thing she gained was international recognition. Even in Brazil, a doll bearing her likeness was sold.

While this was going on, Universal Music encouraged Danna Paola to release her debut studio album, Mi Globo Azul (2001). As soon as it premiered on Broadway, it was dubbed the “Curiosity of Latin America.” It was all because Danna Paola’s incredible vocal range and abilities as a child surprised the people of the United States and America.

Rise to Fame

Dannu Paola received numerous offers following her rise to fame. For her role in the national film adaptation of Mark Twain’s tale of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Pablo y Andrea (2005), (1876). Atrévete a Soar (2009), a Mexican remake of the popular Argentinean telenovela Patito Feo, featured the actress.

As the first of Danna Paola’s teen-oriented series, Atrévete a Soar signaled the end of her childhood adventures. Her music has also evolved. Unlike telenovela soundtracks, these were original lyrical songs about family and love.

Private Sphere

Before “Elite” came along, Danna Paola’s personal life was largely kept under wraps. Sebastian Yatra has been accused of having an affair with the actress since 2018. The tabloids were full of details of their “novel” when they posted a picture of them together on “Instagram.”

When Martina Stoessel, an Argentine singer known as TINI, broke up with Sebastian Yatra in 2020, the situation became “obvious.” He then collaborated with Dana Paola on the song “No Bailes Sola.”

In an interview with the Mexican radio station Grupo Formula, she finally spoke up, revealing that she is actually more interested in another young man than in Sebastian Yatra. The identity of Danna Paola was kept a secret.

At 160 cm and 51 kg, the actress is a size 4. Many people think of her as a model because of her body type and proportions. Others believe Danna Paola has had plastic surgery in the past, but the actress herself insists that she is completely normal.

The Worlds of Music and Motion Pictures

After an audition for Steven Schwartz’s musical “Evil” in May 2013, Danna Paola began her “adult” life, and Glinda, the Wicked Witch of the North. As a result, she found that playing the villain was more fun.

The main theatre in Mexico City, Teatro Telcel, hosted the world premiere of Evil in October of that year. Aside from the positive response from critics, the production as a whole was a financial success, selling more than 100,000 tickets in its first ten weeks of release. As a result, “Evil” went on to become one of Mexico’s most famous performances.

Youngest Actress

Her own record was broken and premiered at the age of 18, making her the youngest actress to ever play the role on the professional stage. Thus, she has appeared in more than 300 shows.

The Netflix series “Elite,” which features Danna Paola, is the most well-known and loudest project she’s worked on outside Latin America. Drama, crime, and horror are all present in equal measure. Many of the story’s characters are adolescents who have been sent to a school for the “golden youth.” Immediately, the men are made fun of.

The series “Elite” was shot in Spain, so the casting was done in Latin America. The result was that Danna Paola’s co-stars included Jorge Lopez, Esther Exposito, Alvaro Rico, Miguel Bernardo, Aron Piper, and others.

“Elite” was a smash hit with viewers. According to Netflix’s estimates, there were an estimated 20 million viewers around the world, including Russia and the CIS countries during the pilot season. As a result, the project’s continuation was inevitable. In March 2020, the third season premiered, making it the most recent.

Danna Paola

Even though Danna Paola’s life has taken a different path, there is still a lot to look forward to. Netflix announced in July 2020 that filming for the fourth season of “Elite” would begin, but the actress was one of those left out of the script. In the absence of such a project, her filmography is still full of television shows and even feature films.

Facts You Didn’t Know

An email from Netflix asking for a role in the television series “Elite” ended up in the Spam folder by mistake. After three days of looking through fan messages, Danna Paola came across him.

Danna Paola was unable to complete her education due to her constant work on the set and in recording studios. She completed her coursework as an external student while studying at home via distance learning. After earning her high school diploma, she shifted gears and moved on to a four-year college degree. In addition to her acting skills, the actress holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences.

Danna Paola was born in Mexico, but her family has Spanish and Brazilian ancestry.

The actress was born in the year of the Green Wood Pig, which is Cancer in the Chinese zodiac.