Enjoy 360-Degree Spectacular Views From the Edge New York

the Edge New York

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At the top of the Edge New York, you can enjoy panoramic views of NYC, as well as yoga classes and other fun activities. This 100-story observation deck offers panoramic views of Manhattan, the East River, the Hudson River, and more. The deck is equipped with a glass floor, as well as a bar. Guests can sit and enjoy the view from one of the observation decks or take advantage of the Bar Lounge, which has 360-degree views of the city.

79 glass panels surround the deck

The observation deck is 100 stories high, featuring a glass floor and a bar. From here, visitors can enjoy 360-degree views of the city. From the observation deck, you can even take a selfie on the glass floor. There are also elevators and wheelchairs available. The view is impressive, and you’ll love the fact that 79 glass panels surround the edge. But don’t stop there. Once you’ve climbed to the top, there are plenty of things to do in NYC, including eating and drinking.

One of the best parts of the observation deck is the view. On a clear day, you can see as far as 80 miles from the observation deck. There are 79 glass panels surrounding the edge, which gives it a “leaning” effect. There’s also an interactive feature for kids, and the children will love it! The observation deck is open to the public since early 2020. The glass platform weighs 350 kg and is more than 700 square meters in size. The panels are tilted outwards, so you can see below without having to look down. The glass wall protects you from the wind and prevents people from committing suicide while on the observation deck.

The Edge observation deck features a glass bottom that is 200 square feet, which resembles the Ledge of Skydeck Chicago, which juts out four feet from the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. 79 glass panels surround the edge, each nine feet tall and weighing approximately 1,400 pounds. The panels have a 6.6-degree inclination, which means you can easily belly up on them.

360-degree views

Get a breathtaking view of New York City at the observation deck of the One World Trade Center. The glass floor gives you 360-degree views of the city below. Sip a cocktail or two at the bar before you start your journey to the top of the tower. Observation decks at 100 stories high can be a thrill, but they’re only worth the money if you’re able to take in the sweeping views of the city.

If you’re looking for a view of the city below, you can’t go wrong with the Edge NYC. With a panoramic view of New York and the Hudson River, you’ll be awestruck at this unique location. The Edge NYC is open seven days a week, eight in the morning and four in the evening. The observation deck is open daily for guests, and has an extended holiday schedule from 8am to midnight. To make your visit even more memorable, consider purchasing a digital gift voucher and presenting it to your loved one.

The Edge is New York’s tallest outdoor observation deck. Featuring a suspended glass floor, this observation deck is the highest outdoor platform in the Western Hemisphere. Its sweeping views are incredible, and you can even take in the sights as far away as 80 miles away. It’s not just the 360-degree views that make this an incredible experience, but the immersive multimedia show as well. A nightly light show is now running at the Edge every day from sunset to midnight.

The Edge NYC is a unique experience, as it is one of the world’s highest observation decks. It is 100 stories high, 81 feet higher than the Empire State Building and the highest man-made outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere. Unlike most observation decks, Edge is surrounded by glass walls and a soaring view of the city. You can even belly up on the glass panels and enjoy the incredible views of Manhattan from the top of the Edge.

Yoga classes

To offer yoga classes at the highest observation deck in the Western hemisphere, the Edge building has partnered with Equinox, a leading fitness company. The classes will be held on May 6 at the 100th-floor observation deck. Expect an adrenaline rush, along with the chance to stretch your muscles. A $50 registration fee includes access to the Edge for 15 minutes after the class and a wellness gift bag. In addition to Thursday mornings, members of Equinox can attend exclusive Wednesday classes.

Located on the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards, the Edge is a dazzling location for an outdoor sky deck yoga class. Featuring an outdoor glass floor, the class is held 1,100 feet above the ground. Guests must sign a health declaration to participate, and their temperatures must be checked prior to the class. Participants are encouraged to wear a face mask, and the class is weather-dependent. Yoga classes at the Edge NYC will offer a spectacular view of New York.

The Edge will also offer Sky High Yoga on the 100th floor, where participants can experience a breathtaking view of New York City. Beginning May 6, this class will be open to all Equinox members and will take place on Wednesdays. In addition, tickets are $50 monthly. You can sign up here and get updates on the schedule of upcoming classes. There are also other ways to keep up with Sky High Yoga at the Edge. It’s an incredible experience for both beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners.

In addition to the Humming Puppy’s yoga classes, you can enjoy a guided class with live music. The Bhakti Center School of Kirtan is also located on the edge of Manhattan. It offers weekly classes with kirtan music for all levels. The atmosphere at the Edge is inspiring and the instructors are skilled and caring. You’ll be able to find an appropriate class for you! After yoga, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ticket options

When it comes to purchasing tickets to the Edge, there are two basic types of tickets you can choose from. General admission tickets are the least expensive option, and flexible tickets allow you to decide when you want to go. Purchasing general admission tickets is a good idea if you don’t know when you’ll want to go to the Edge, but are unsure about when you’ll have time. Flex tickets are a good option for those who have no set schedule for their visit.

The Edge Manhattan Skydeck is one of the most unique views of the Big Apple, with an angled glass wall and glass triangle in the center. This observation deck offers a 10,000-square-foot event space and a full restaurant and bar, including a champagne bar. During your visit, you can enjoy the view and get a free souvenir photo. For a more adventurous experience, try a ticket that includes the glass bottom, which is popular for selfies.

General admission tickets are available online, and there is no time limit for the experience. While most visitors stay for 45 minutes or so, you can extend your visit if you wish. The Edge is located near the Hudson River on the western side of Manhattan, between West 30th and West 34th Street. Admission is available 365 days a year, from 8am to 12pm. Those who purchase a champagne admission ticket can also expect to drink a glass of champagne, which is an additional fee.

If you are visiting the Edge at Hudson Yards for the first time, make sure you get there before the sun sets. This observation deck offers a great view of the city as the sun sets and the city lights start to illuminate the sky. If you go at sunset, you will likely have to contend with some construction cranes blocking your view. This is the perfect time for romantic couples or pro photographers to catch the colors of the sunset. For couples, the sunset view is best enjoyed with a glass of champagne.


The Edge NYC is located in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, which borders the south on 31st Street and the north on 33rd Street. From 10th Avenue, you can take the subway to reach the mall at 34th Street. If you’re coming from out of town, you can catch the subway at 34th Street and head to Hudson Yards. The mall is located near the High Line and several subway stops are nearby.

The building is very unique, as you will find out when you enter. The high-speed elevator takes 52 seconds to reach the top. A champagne bar, located on the 100th floor of the building, serves champagne to its guests. The Edge NYC has interactive fun activities, including a photo booth. In addition to taking in the view, you’ll also be able to sample a variety of cocktails, light bites, and champagne.

While visiting the NYC location, it’s recommended to make reservations. You can also eat at The Edge restaurant on the 101st floor, where you’ll get to enjoy the incredible views of the city. Make sure to make reservations to avoid disappointment! Another reason to make reservations is the restaurant’s early morning yoga sessions, which are popular and sold out well in advance. For a $50 fee, you can enjoy a session at The Edge while admiring the breathtaking views of Manhattan.

Another way to get to the top of The Edge is to take a tour with an Edge guide. These guides will take you to Hudson Yards, the High Line, and even the Edge. If you’re planning to visit the building, consider booking a guided tour or upgrade to the Edge to enjoy a more spectacular view of Manhattan. And don’t forget to get a souvenir. The Edge is located near the Hudson River, so it’s not difficult to spot Manhattan from the top of the building.