What Are the Facilities Offered at the Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi?

Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi

An institution that focuses on providing a holistic learning experience for its students, provides the best of facilities at its campus. Schools are incomplete without the right facilities that cater to the various needs of the students and the faculty. The natural surroundings and modern facilities that follow an environment-friendly approach make the Indian School at Abu Dhabi one of the best Indian Public Schools. 

Let us take a look at the facilities provided at one of the best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi:

Multi-cultural environment:

Spread over a sprawling campus, the school ensures freedom of movement in the indoor and outdoor activity centers. The school encourages a multi-cultural, diverse environment, which makes it conducive for students to develop an open-mindedness essential in today’s world. It inspires a sense of brotherhood amongst students which lend the school’s atmosphere a happy and peaceful element. 

Activity centers:

Extracurricular and co-curricular activities are an integral part of our education system. Without these, a student’s learning is incomplete. The Indian Public Schools at Abu Dhabi offer a wide array of activities for the students and participation in these activities is mandatory. These activities appeal to students of all backgrounds and cater to their varied interests. The activity centers include:

  • Indoor and outdoor football ground
  • Indoor temperature-controlled swimming pool
  • Dance room
  • IT lab
  • Instrumental music studio
  • Library
  • Montessori lab
  • Kindergarten play area

Some more facilities provided for the students are:

  • Kiddie pool
  • Art and craft lab
  • Maths room
  • Audio-visual room
  • Choir room
  • Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE) Lab

Indoor environment:

A healthy indoor environment makes classrooms favorable for a peaceful learning experience. The Indian public school structure has been built using the finest building material. Equal attention has been given to details, such as appropriate ventilation, adequate lighting, and proper air circulation to ensure fresh surroundings in every location.

Outdoor spaces:

Physical activity is vital for the overall well-being of the students. Wide-open, outdoor spaces with lots of greenery give students a chance to indulge in physical activity, such as walking and running to take a break between studies and soothe their minds. It ensures a positive frame of mind and a healthy body that reduces distraction and absenteeism. 

Safety and security:

The safety and security of students are paramount for an educational institution. It also gives parents a sense of security about their child’s whereabouts. The Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi have put in place CCTV cameras as well as security guards all over the campus. ID cards and facial recognition systems have been used to maintain tight security. Besides this, the background of the school staff and security personnel is also double-checked. 


An educational institution strives to provide the best of facilities for its stakeholders. This helps them in fulfilling their promise of providing an exceptional educational experience for the students. In keeping with today’s requirements, the Indian public schools in Abu Dhabi follow an environment-friendly approach and follow initiatives that help in reducing their carbon footprint, too. This goes a long way in ensuring a happy and healthy atmosphere for the students.