Finding Bangalore Costly as Bachelor? Here Is How to Live Happily with 20K

Metropolises have always lured the heart of bachelors. Not only do we get bustling day streets, but we also see a peppy nightlife. However, reading it in an article and living it are two different things (especially when we speak about cities like Mumbai). But what about Bangalore?

Bangalore metropolitan, also called India’s Silicon Valley, has always been a word among bachelors in India. Youngsters from all corners of India come here with hearts soaked in merry dreams. This gives Bangalore an excellent cultural mix. Most of the people here come from different parts of India in search of a good life. But all who seek good don’t get good. The reason? Shifting to the city without researching enough. As a bachelor, your needs are different. For example, considering the financial limitation, you should seek a single room for rent in Bangalore without a deposit.

Here is how you can live an excellent life as a bachelor under 20,000 in Bangalore.

Tips for Bachelors to Live in Bangalore Under 20K

Money is prominent in all the aspects that help a person live happily. This does not mean you have to be a spendthrift to enjoy what Bangalore offers. As a person looking to shift, numerous questions might hammer your head – Is this the right place? Will I be able to afford the lifestyle? Will I find perfect roommates in Bangalore? How will I travel in the city?

A bachelor can have a good space, food, nightlife, etc., in under 20k.

Let’s cover the different aspects that can impact your lifestyle:

  • Space
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Fun

Look for the Right Space for Yourself

The most important thing for anyone has a roof over their head. Rent might consume the biggest chunk of your earnings. As a bachelor living in Bangalore, you must find a living space with a cost of around 6,000. Considering this, the first thing you’d want to do is to live away from the main city if you are looking to spend less.

Here are some of the tips on how to find a room for rent in Bangalorewisely while saving some money:

  • Don’t be in the city’s heart as rent is always expensive. If you have localities like Koramangala, Indiranagar, Richmond Town, Shanthala Nagar, Jayanagar, HSR Layout, etc., in your notebook, cut them out. Rent there usually remains higher.
  • These are some of the most affordable places in Bangalore: Kammanahalli, Marathahalli, Yelahanka, Bellandur, Hebbal, KR Puram, Electronic City, etc.
  • Most people who rent out their space here charge a deposit fee also. This fee goes anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 or beyond. As a bachelor, it might hurt your financial plans. The best advice is to find a single room for rent with no deposit. It is not hard. If someone you know lives there, ask that person to help you out in your room hunt. Or watch YouTube channels like ‘Nestaway Home Videos’ to look for a room you desire.
  • As a bachelor, you might want to take a PG in affordable locations, as in posh areas, they might cost over 8,000 per bed for the basic ones. PGs are also best for students as one can get Wi-Fi, a TV, a washing machine, three meals per day, housekeeping services, hot water, power backup, a refrigerator, etc.
  • You might also consider double or triple sharing. Look for like-minded roommates in Bangalore.
  • If you are an employee working for TCS, Infosys, etc., your office must be in or around Whitefield or Electronic City. Rent here is cheaper and you need not worry. Don’t take a room far from your office, as transportation in Bangalore is costly and time-taking.

Have Great Food within a Budget

Food in Bangalore will never give you trouble. Grocery in Bangalore will cost you the same as in any other metro city. So, if you know how to cook for yourself, 5,000 will be enough to provide you with milk, bread, vegetables, fruits, snacks, etc. However, this figure might peak a bit if you are a non-vegetarian.

  • If you know how to cook that homely curry for yourself, you might save around 3,000 per month on food alone. The average cost of ordering two meals from Swiggy or Zomato is around 300 per day. It will consume another 8,000-9,000 from your earnings for food alone.
  • Most PGs offer food. Finding a PG in Bangalore for males or females can help you. This can save you both money and time. You can spend this saved time and money to explore the beauty of this Garden City.

Manage Your Transportation Costs Well

Bangalore has everything to help you commute from one place to another except good traffic flow. You will find everything from buses, metro, autos, Ola, Uber, bikes, etc. However, due to the traffic issue, the costs will stay higher.

Here is how you can save on the transportation cost:

  • Take public transport wherever possible. Bangalore is well connected by the metro, but there are still places where the metro doesn’t go. So, look for a room nearby locations having metro connectivity.
  • Bangalore has smooth roads and fresh air. You might want to rent a bicycle and use it for your nearby travels. Many companies like ICycle, City Cycling, Yulu, etc., provide bicycles for rent.
  • Considering the traffic jam in the city, having a two-wheeler can save you plenty of time and money.

Taking public transport can cost you around 2,000 per month, whereas taking cabs can shoot up this cost to around 4,000 per month. As a female, safety is the prime concern. Try taking a PG in Bangalore for female around your workplace. It will also save you from unnecessary traveling time and cost.

Having Fun Around

As a bachelor, your demands will be different. You would want to cherish every youthful fancy like having a first-day-first-show, eating costly popcorn, visiting the gardens, strolling in the outskirts, grooving in the pubs, etc. Here is what life will be like in terms of money.

Many places, like MG Road, Church Street, Indiranagar, etc., in Bangalore, are worth visiting.

Weekend outings might cost you around 3,000 rs. If you plan on drinking, this might go up to 5,000 rs.

Here is a cost breakdown for you:

Expense CategoriesModerate LifestyleLuxurious Lifestyle
Food5,000 (if you cook by yourself)8,000 to 9,000 (if you eat from outside)
Transport2,000 – 3,000 (If you take public transport, metro, cycle, or your two-wheeler)5,000 (cabs)
Rent4,000-6,000 (PG, Sharing, Single Room, in affordable areas)8,000 and over (in posh areas)
Weekend Activities3,000-5,000 (without drinking – with drinking)3,000-5,000 (without drinking – with drinking)
Total14,000 – 19,00024,000 – 27,000

Here is the summary of how you can happily live in Bangalore as a bachelor with 20k in the bank account.

  • Try finding a single room for rent in Bangalore without a deposit. It will save you from the initial burden.
  • Live in a PG or shared room to save yourself some extra bucks.
  • Cook your food if you know how to.
  • Use public transport wherever possible.
  • Rent a bicycle for your health and that of the environment. Have a two-wheeler.
  • Cherish the beautiful gardens of the Garden City of India.
  • Explore the urban and natural side of Bangalore.


Bangalore is infamous for being a costly beauty. However, it is almost like any other metro city in terms of basic living costs. Considering the above pointers, you can easily lead a good life in Bangalore.