Ford’s Garage – A Burger and Craft Beer Concept With Classic American Cuisine

Ford's Garage

“Ford’s Garage” is a burger and craft beer concept with classic American cuisine. With 16 locations and a licensing agreement with the Ford Motor Co., this eatery has an impressive menu and unique interior design. Here are some of the most unique features. And what about the beer? Ford’s Garage has 150 different kinds on tap and 40 on draft. The interior design is inspired by classic cars and is as eye-catching as its menu.

Ford’s Garage is a burger-and-craft beer concept

The burger-and-craft beer concept is inspired by Henry Ford’s iconic service stations. Each Ford’s Garage location offers more than 100 different beers, with an emphasis on craft brews from small microbreweries. The restaurant’s menu also includes classic American comfort foods like meatloaf, chicken, and salads. In addition to its menu, each location offers a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, including soda, wine, and bottled water.

The concept is based on the automotive tradition of the Ford Motor Company. Founded in 2012 in Fort Myers, Fla., Ford’s Garage has expanded across the country. It offers a long menu of gourmet burgers and comfort food. The restaurants feature more than 200 bottled craft brews and 22 on tap. The restaurants are designed after the Ford Motor Company’s historic cars, with servers dressed as auto mechanics and full-size Model-T and Model-A Ford cars on site.

In addition to a long list of craft beers, Ford’s Garage also features more than 150 bottled varieties and 40 drafts. The beer list is heavily influenced by American craft breweries, and the restaurant also offers nonalcoholic options. Ford’s Garage is planning to open seven locations in Charlotte. The restaurant’s space is 8,900 square feet, with 250 seats and 95 to 115 employees.

Ford’s Garage has plans to open fifteen more locations by the end of next year. The company has already signed development deals for eleven new locations in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. With the expansion plans, the company will soon reach the Midwest. The brand’s burgers are made with fresh ingredients and paired with quality craft brews. Ford’s Garage has an extensive beer list and is expanding across the country.

The exterior of Ford’s Garage is very authentic, resembling a 1920s gas station. The logo and other images of the brand are displayed above the bar. Inside, there are car-themed bathrooms made out of fuel pump nozzles and tires. The waiters are suited in mechanic clothes, and the bar is built with hammered copper. Despite being themed around the Ford motor company, Ford’s Garage is a good burger-and-beer concept.

It offers classic American foods

The concept of a garage-themed burger restaurant is not a new one. The concept has gained recognition thanks to its iconic branding and vintage style. While the company is not affiliated with the Ford Motor Company, it has licensed its name to the concept. Despite its name, you can still find officially licensed Ford gear at the restaurant. The menu includes classic American foods and burgers topped with gourmet sauces.

The menu features comfort food classics such as meatloaf and chili, as well as a range of other classic American dishes. A signature burger is called the Model “A” and is served on a Brioche bun. Other items on the menu include meatloaf and onion rings, as well as sandwiches and salads. The bar is adorned with retro elements, such as a hand-hammasked copper bar top. It serves multiple draft beers and wine. There is also a non-alcoholic section of the menu.

The burger joint has plans to expand to other states and open several new locations. In Texas, for example, it plans to open seven to 10 franchise locations. Other states that will get Ford’s Garage are Ohio, Indiana, and Texas. In the future, the concept will open as many as 15 new locations per year. For now, it is based in Florida. It also has plans to open locations in New Jersey, Texas, and Michigan.

Happy Hour is a great time to grab dinner. Monday through Friday, the restaurant hosts a happy hour from 11:00 a.m. to 7pm. Customers can enjoy $1 off draft beers, $4 house wines, and sangria for only $6.49. In addition, you can enjoy specials during Happy Hour, including $1 off draft beer and $4.00 house wine. You can also enjoy discounted prices if you’re a Ford employee.

It has 16 locations

The original restaurant was opened near Henry Ford’s winter home in Fort Myers, Florida, in 1999. Ford’s Garage has a unique licensing agreement with the Ford Motor Company, which allows them to showcase Model Ts and As above the bar and feature the Ford logo throughout their restaurant. The atmosphere is rustic, with a mix of industrial metal and brick and a menu that includes burgers topped with bacon, cheese, and other toppings. Its menu also offers a selection of shakes and other drinks and an extensive wine list.

The burger franchise started in Florida, with a location opening in historic downtown Fort Myers in 2012. Using the Ford name, the franchise hopes to have at least 15 locations nationwide by 2023. This will include locations in Kentucky, New York, and Texas. In addition to these states, Ford’s Garage also plans to open new locations in Michigan, New York, and Ohio. As of this writing, there are 16 locations of Ford’s Garage.

The chain also opened a location in West Plano, Texas. The restaurant is slated to open late in Q1 or early Q2 2022 at 3904 Dallas Pkwy. This location will replace Razzoo’s Cafe, which closed in December. The company currently has 16 locations, but is scouting for new locations in DFW. If you are looking for a burger joint in Dallas, you can check out the brand new location at 3904 Dallas Pkwy.

The Ford Motor Company first noticed the Wellington location in 2014 and wanted to partner with the restaurant. The logo is featured on the restaurant’s menu. The restaurant is decorated like a 1920s gas station, complete with mechanic shirts and cloths on the servers. The bar is also themed in a prohibition style. The restaurant also carries a Ford logo on its doors. Ford’s Garage is a fast food restaurant with more than 16 locations around Florida.

It has a licensing agreement with Ford Motor Co.

The Ford Motor Company has partnered with the restaurant chain to provide exclusive rights to its trademark brand and logo. The agreement enables Ford’s Garage to feature model-T Fords and certain historical photos as part of the restaurant’s ambiance. Ford also receives a percentage of sales at Ford’s Garage restaurants and will be able to invest in franchises locally. The franchisees can expect to see a significant increase in business over the next few years as the brand grows.

The menu at the Ford’s Garage restaurant includes a variety of burgers made from 1/2 pound USDA Black Angus Beef. The burgers come topped with gourmet sauces and cheeses. The menu also features popular American comfort foods like meatloaf and onion rings. The restaurant also serves shakes and a selection of 150 different types of beer. There are even dog-friendly patios.

Since the restaurant’s design is based on the classic gas station look of the 1920s, the brand is able to use the iconic logo to give guests a glimpse of the past. Guests are welcome to order a traditional hamburger or a delicious chicken dish, while their kids can choose from a list of kid-friendly options. In addition, patrons can enjoy a selection of wine and other drinks in the liquor bar.

The company’s licensing agreement with the Ford Motor Company gives franchisees access to historic photos and actual Model T cars. Franchisees pay a one-time fee of $50,000 to $6,353,000. Each location requires a minimum of 95 employees, with most locations offering seating for 250 customers. One-third of franchises are in New York City and other large cities. In addition to the new locations, the Ford Motor Company hopes to open an additional 10-15 units per year in the next few years.

The restaurant is expected to open four locations in the Greater Cincinnati area. Its restaurants are themed after 1920s gas stations, and use blue shop clothes and napkins. The menu includes American classic comfort foods and an extensive beer list, including 40 different types on draft. The restaurant emphasizes local microbreweries and has a large collection of draft beer. In addition to the food and beverage menu, the restaurant features a full bar.

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