5 ways to get more comments and shares on your YouTube videos?

get more comments and shares

As you all know that in today’s new era everyone is very interested in using social media platforms. So today we have made social media platforms a part of our lives. So that we can do our work easily. And social media takes us less time too. Today we can get to see all kinds of social media platforms. Which we use according to our interest. And today there is more social media than we can imagine.

So let’s now talk about 5 ways to get more comments and shares on YouTube videos. Then I want to tell you that if you want to get more comments and shares in your YouTube video. Then you have come to the right place because today we are going to tell you about 5 easy ways to increase it. After following those in your YouTube channel, you will be able to easily increase your comments and shares.

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1. Use Closed Captioning

As you all know that when we make our videos. So whatever we say inside the video, it should be typed in words inside your video. Because this makes the quality of your YouTube videos even better. That’s why we should keep our voice so loud and clear. So that a normal YouTube user is comfortable. That’s why we should not write any such closed caption which will distract any user from our videos.

2. Optimize for suggested videos

YouTube is a high-quality social media. In which you will get to see all types of videos, so when we use tags and hashtags inside a video. So from those tags and hashtags, YouTube knows when YouTube will recommend our videos to other users. In which there will be more and more comments and shares on our videos.

3. Encourage Engagement

As you all know if our video comes in ranking in YouTube. And along with good likes and views on this, people are also sharing it. So this is an easy way for our YouTube channel to grow. You can appeal to people in your YouTube videos to subscribe to your channel and like and share the video simultaneously. This will increase the engagement of our YouTube account.

4. Interact with Your Audience

If you ask your viewers to watch your video. Then they ask us some questions in the comments of our video. So we should also consider them as a favor and respond properly to them one by one. Because with this your users will be very happy with you and will also share and comment on your videos easily. So we should also take care of our audience.

5. Promote your YouTube videos on social channels

If you also want more likes, views, comments, and shares on your YouTube videos. So you have come to the right place, for this, you need to share and post your YouTube videos on other social media service platforms. So that people will be able to see more and more of your videos. Then we should easily use our popular social channels for our YouTube videos.


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