Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Headless Guitar


Headless guitars have been around for a long time. The design of the headless guitar was played around with a lot in the 80s. The headstock of the guitar doesn’t add much to the tone of the guitar. The body, neck, and pickups are what affect the sound of the guitar. It became evident to people that the headstock could be done away with completely while preserving the tone of the guitar.

Advantages of switching to a headless guitar

Headless guitars are much lighter:

These guitars are much lighter than traditional guitars. The tuners on the headstock are much heavier than you would think. Eliminating these tuners from the headstock automatically lightens the weight of the guitar. Having a lighter guitar will be easier to play and is much better for your back. Playing a heavy guitar can pinch your brachial and radial nerves when slung across your shoulder. The tuners that were located on the head were shifted to the bottom of the guitar. This makes the guitar much lighter. Shifting the tuners to the bottom of the guitar makes it much easier and the guitar tuners more accessible.

Small and more convenient to carry:

The size of the guitar is what makes it so much easier to carry. It packs small and its case is not so bulky so it can be easily travelled with. It takes up less space when stored. The headless guitar packs easily into the overhead compartment of the plane. It makes it much easier to travel with.

Headless guitars are better balanced:

There is no neck dive. Since the guitar lacks a headstock it does not tilt towards the head as a traditional guitar would. It is much easier to play a headless guitar for this reason. It stays balanced while you play and does not feel heavier on one end than the other. Its lighter and smaller frame is also easier on the back.

Restring faster:

You can change the strings faster on a headless guitar. It takes much less time in comparison to the traditional guitar. The way in which the hardware is arranged makes restringing far easier than a traditional guitar.


Headless guitars look much different from other guitars. The size and appearance are completely unique from any other guitar you’ll see. The playing experience will also be different from any other guitar you have tried.

Disadvantages of the headless guitar

Storing problem, can not hang these guitars:

You can’t hang a headless guitar. It is not possible to use a typical hanger to hang this guitar since there is no headstock. These guitars don’t work too well with traditional guitar stands or guitar hangers so.

Lack of variety:

Headless guitars don’t come in that much variety. You can find a lot of varieties and brands for the traditional guitar. However, with these guitar, you have a very small set of options. The number of companies that make them is very few, however you can also get them custom-made. The problem with having your guitars custom-made is that they can be extremely expensive.

Can’t play and tune at the same time:

You can’t play and tune your guitar at the same time since the tuners are at the bottom of the headless guitar. It can be difficult to tune your guitar while playing.

Transitioning takes time:

It might take some time to switch to a headless guitar and feel comfortable playing with it. It takes some people a lot of time as it feels very different from a traditional guitar. Its shape and hardware are different so it takes people time to get used to playing this guitar. This guitar may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Some people might never get used to playing it.

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