Home Exercises To Build Muscle By Martial Art Extreme


We are at two of the most important points in history right now. One is that a deadly pandemic has nearly ended or as we like to think so, with random reappearances and for the fact that our entire work culture has moved from the physical to the mental i.e., having to work while sitting in front of screens to do most of our work.

This has given rise to a phenomenon and a problem which is of global proportions and it is that we do not get enough exercise. We are hardly required to do any physical intensive work and with the pandemic, many have even had to shift their work at home which even removes the option of public transport to our place of work.

So, what should be the other options that we can viably opt for our physical fitness?

Well, if you are rich and if you can afford rooms in your residence, you can help to create a gym for yourself and that includes spending quite a lot of money on gym equipment. But this is out of the question for most of us as gym equipment is expensive and also because we do not have extra space in our homes to fit all this equipment and also for the fact that we need expert advise to operate the equipment which requires extra funding for a personal assistant.

So here is the next best alternative and that is to work out at home with regular objects that are generally available in everyone’s homes.

For this entire blog, we will talk about muscle building and staying fit at home without the use of weights because weights are probably one of the most significant things that add to the costs while building a gym.


1. Wide push-ups – This is one of the simplest things to do and it is to perform a standard push up but with your hands being wider and having them placed apart. You need to do this for a minimum of 10 repetitions of not more than three sets and in between, you can have rest between 45 seconds to a minute.

2. Open-arm push-ups – This is a little bit more difficult than the standard push-up and the wide push-ups and in this type of exercise you simply need to have one of your arms placed firmly at your back as you try to balance your body and do a standard press up. The most important thing you need to remember in this exercise is that you need to switch arms. The sets and repetitions are the same as a standard push up as well as a wide push-up

3. Stairs push-ups – This is one of the most practical ways exercises you can do at home and in this exercise you simply need to find a set of stairs that are not too slippery and which are clean. Then you need to do a standard push-up on those stairs and remember that you must not extend your body beyond your regular limits as that can cause stress and unwanted injuries. In this type of exercise, you will need to do sets of 3, there will be 10 repetitions with a minute rest in between them.


1. Incline push-ups – This type of push-up is quite creative and quite interesting and in this, you simply need to place your hands on a chair that is at a normal elevation from the ground and you also need to have your shoulders wider than the standard push up and do push-ups. The same 10 repetitions of 3 sets with 1-minute rest in between are recommended.

2. Handstand wall support walk – This may seem like an advanced exercise but believe us, this is quite simple to do once you have achieved a certain degree of body balance in this exercise, you need to first do a handstand while supporting yourself behind the wall and you can also put carpets below your hand so that even if you fall you will not get hurt seriously. You can also wear a bicycle helmet while you do this for the first time. The way to do this is to use your hands to walk in front as you lower your legs from a vertical to a horizontal position and repeat this. You should not do more than 10 repetitions of this which sets of not more than 3 and while taking a minute rest in between them.

3. Boady dips – This is also an exercise that if done correctly can immensely have positive effects on your body and especially your triceps. All you need to do is find the chair or a bed or a solid place to grab your hands on as you look away from it and position yourself in a sitting position as you slowly lower your body while having the weight supported by your hands. This will put proper stress on your triceps. That repetitions and sets and rest are the same as the standard push up.


1. Lunge – In the leg muscle building section we will talk about probably a few of the most popular exercise methods and one of them is the lunge. In this exercise, you simply have to move one leg in front of the other and then down as if you are doing a one-legged squat, while the legs are apart from each other and then repeat that while moving the other leg forward.

2. Squat – This is probably one of the best exercises to train your lower body without the use of any weights, this is the regular squat. In this exercise, you have to stand straight with your feet as wide as your shoulders and then you need to bend your knees and go down as far as you can and then repeat this for three sets of 10 repetitions with no rest in between.

3. Jump squats – This is simply doing the squad as you jump while getting up and this is one of the best ways to train your muscles and to have great reflexes.

These were a few of the ways in which you can try to get your upper body and your lower body integrated into an exercise schedule without needing to go to a physical gym and without the need of having to buy expensive weights and machines at home.

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