How can I set up automatic forwarding in Yahoo Mail?

setup automatic forwarding in Yahoo Mail

You simply can set up the automatic email forwarding in Yahoo Mail. It allows you to send a copy of incoming emails to Gmail or any other Gmail service. Automatic email forwarding actually comes in handy if you try to combine all your messages into a single account. Else, if you want to hand over your emails to another person and need to forward all messages automatically.

You have all of the Yahoo messages that are sent to another email account automatically that you own. All user has to do is to setup automatic forwarding in Yahoo Mail so that, you can get your emails at another one.

Quick Ways to Setup Yahoo Mail for Email Forwarding

Automatic email forwarding was a free feature but now, Yahoo has made a few changes. As per this change, email forwarding will be now available as paid/premium option. All the user needs to do is to provide an email address to Yahoo where it should copy all of the incoming emails. You are all set and to do so in detail, you have to-

  • First of all, you have to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account by entering the credentials
  • There you have to click on the Settings icon in the upper-right corner and choose “More Settings”
  • The “More Settings” link is there and it will open a new overlay window
  • After that, click on the “Mailboxes” category and the address will appear for the selection

Now the time has come where you have to click on the Yahoo Mail address in the top Mailbox List area. It will open the view of the setup automatic forwarding in Yahoo Mail settings

  • Go down to the section for “Forward” settings. It will allow entering the destination address that will forward all email messages
  • Enter the email address to which you want to forward emails to and then, click on “Verify”. Choose Verify and you will get a verification message to the chosen address
  • Open the verification email which is sent to the forward destination. This message will make it ideal to verify that you are the owner of the account
  • Click on the link that appears in the verification mail. It will check that you have the account and then, add it to the Yahoo Mail account as the approved forwarding destination

You will then receive a Congratulations message if you are all set with the setup automatic forwarding in Yahoo Mail

Forward the Yahoo Emails

This feature is quite useful for several reasons that include a personal preference for the email provider’s on the Yahoo interface

  • There might be instances that you don’t use Yahoo as the main email provider and want to check only the primary email address.
  • Some people use Yahoo mail for shopping or other personal purpose and forwarding will keep the related message separate. But they can get that through the email service.

IMP: Ensure to watch for and allow any notification as part of this procedure, in case if the browser wants to block them. There are so many browsers that will block the verification pop-up that appears after clicking the “Verify” option. If the pop-up doesn’t appear there, click on the pop-up icon on the right end of the browser address bar. Now, allow the pop-ups from Yahoo mail and you are all set.

There is so much a method through which you can stop Yahoo Mail from storing the emails. If you don’t want duplicate emails lying in the mailbox then, open it anytime and delete all emails from the inbox.

Wrap Up-

Here you are all set and for more info contact yahoo Help to get instant assistance. You will be able to read all of the emails in the other mailbox. You can move ahead and then change the Settings from “Store and Forward” and make it to “Store and forward and mark as read”. It will mark all emails as read after forwarding them to the other address.