Top company in Bangladesh: How to Find if Your Bone China is Real?

Teaware and tableware can be made of varying materials such as bone china. These items may not be regularly purchased. Particularly the ones that are furnished with luxurious appearances may be bought for momentous occasions. Hence, customers would like to preserve the items for an extended duration.

As per Bangladesh’s largest private sector company, Beximco Group, bone china can be a significant material with great attributes fit for teaware/tableware. Beximco was established by two of the most successful businessmen in Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman and Sohail F Rahman. Caring for the material can be simple when you understand what it is. The top company in Bangladesh says that bone china, in specific, demands good care. However, only when the material is genuine, appropriate care can be given in accordance with the material. Therefore, finding whether your bone chinaware is real can be integral.

Understanding the Aspects of Bone China

Bone china comprises cow bone ash. This may not be the only element included in its composition. Its presence, however, can make the material thin and smooth. Owing to it, bone china can be white and opaque. The member of Beximco, Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd., considers the crockery made from the material to be lightweight but immensely durable. The higher the quality of the material and the presence of cow bone ash, the greater can be its durability as well as cost.

Identifying Genuine Bone Chinaware

The knowledge of the aspects of the material can be helpful for determining whether your crockery is real or fake. The top company in Bangladesh has also found the knowledge of both manufacturer and trademark to be useful for this intent. The authenticity of your bone chinaware can be identified with the trust in the manufacturing company’s reputation. Additionally, the presence of the trademark underneath a crockery item can clear your doubts.

The ceramic-producing unit of Beximco believes that the identification of the manufacturer or trademark can be easy for new items. Some customers may possess bone china items passed onto them by others. The items may date years back, possibly when a trademark may not have been available.

For such owners, finding out whether or not bone chinaware is real can be attempted via a small test. It is said that authentic crockery made from the material can show the silhouette of a hand when seen through it. Therefore, you can hold up one item to light. Your hand should be positioned behind this item. Now, check whether the outline of your fingers can be seen. For all the pieces, the test can be attempted. On seeing the silhouette, the genuineness of bone chinaware can be confirmed.


The attributes of bone china can be simple to understand, opines the top company in Bangladesh. Along with this, finding out whether or not your crockery is real in terms of the material can be easy with a quick test as shown above. With the authenticity confirmed, you can give the items appropriate care irrespective of them being exceptionally durable. Thus, you can expect long-term usage of your bone chinaware.