How to Pressure Wash a Two-Story House without a Ladder

Pressure Wash

It is not easy to clean a house’s exterior, especially when it’s a two-story house. People usually use a ladder to get to difficult-to-reach areas, which can be dangerous. This is because you may fall from the ladder due to the force of the pressure washer. Are you wondering how a pressure washer works? As the name suggests, a pressure washer produces a stream of water with a lot of pressure that blasts away the dust and dirt from the little corners. You can also mix detergent with water to get better results. Here’s how you can pressure wash a two-story house without a ladder. 

1- Take Safety Measures before Starting Pressure Wash:

Make sure that you turn off the power. It is better to turn it off beforehand, so you face any problems afterward. Here are some safety measures that you must take. 

  • Select a bright sunny day to wash your house. If the day is too hot, the detergent may dry out too fast and won’t get proper time to power wash the house, so make sure to choose a day with a normal temperature. 
  • Make sure you buy proper safety equipment before working with a pressure wash. Safety goggles must be used so that dirt and stones don’t affect your eyes. 
  • High-pressure washers are powerful. Therefore, they can easily cause skin damage and certain other injuries. So do not use them too close to your body. 
  • When using a pressure washer, do not climb the ladder as it may fall due to the force of the machine. 

2- Cover the Plants with Plastic and Properly Close Windows:

Make sure that all the windows of your house are closed while you are pressure washing the house. Remove the furniture present in the area that is being washed. Spray the garden hose on the surrounding plants and shrubs to protect them from dripping cleaning fluids. Cover the plants with a plastic sheet. 

3- Apply the Cleaning Solution:

Before the pressure wash, a deep cleaning solution must be applied to your home. To prepare the best solution, follow the instructions on the detergent and mix it with water. Bleach can be added to this detergent solution. However, you will need to make sure that the ratio between the bleach and the detergent solution is kept at 1:9. Once the solution is prepared, spray it on the home and let it stay there for some time. 

4- Fix the Nozzle to the Pressure Washer and Prepare to Work:

Fit a proper nozzle to the pressure washer and get ready for work. Make sure that it is ready for immediate use after spraying or scrubbing. Check the position of the hose bracket, which is at the back of the washer. Fix the hose in the garden to this bracket and ensure that its other end is fixed to the spigot outside the house. For the areas that are harder to reach, apply greater pressure. You can use a 15-degree spray nozzle for that. For areas that are relatively easier to reach, you can choose a 25-degree or 30-degree nozzle. If you’re washing a two-story building, start from the farthest point and come down. You will probably need to install an extension pole to reach the top floor.

5- Start Scrubbing the House:

Spray and rub the sidewalls from bottom to top while working on a 10-foot-wide section. Completely spray the cleaning solution on the house’s first floor. Start at the bottom section and work up. Rub the side panels gently but firmly with a soft side brush. If you’re washing a two-story house, it’s a good idea to work upwards, as starting from the top will cause soapy water to run down the walls. This will make it difficult to see the dirt and debris that needs to be wiped off. Start by scrubbing the top floor first, but go up from the floor of the scaffolding to the roof of the house. 

6- Power Wash the Scrubbed area:

When the first section is completely scrubbed off, wear goggles. Make sure you are 3 feet away from the wall before turning on the pressure washer. If you can remove the dirt at this distance without any damage, make sure you keep the pressure maintained. If the dirt does not come off, bring it closer by 4 to 6 inches, stop each time and measure the cleaning power to check for damage. Continue working from the most effective distance. 

7- Repeat this Procedure Until You Have a Clean House:

Proceed to the next section of siding and repeat steps 4-6 until you have cleaned the entire house. When you’re done, pull up the clothes and wrap them, throw away the duct tape, and put away the cleaning supplies and equipment. If you plan to paint your house after the pressure wash, make sure that you wait for at least two or three days. 

Cleaning your two-story house can be a hassle, but using the steps and techniques shared above will make the process easy for you. Make sure to follow all safety measures properly to avoid any inconvenience afterward.