Instacart Clone App For Grocery Delivery Business in Nigeria

Instacart Clone App

On-Demand Service Apps are popular and have unquestionably ruled the market since the year 2020. There is no turning back now that the pandemic has struck.

The business landscape is shifting, and because of the pandemic, consumers have no or limited options for purchasing necessities via applications. Instacart, an on-demand grocery delivery app, has proved a lifesaver for both shoppers and store owners. However, the industry’s increasing competitiveness motivates enterprises to provide consumers with seamless grocery delivery services.

To create an app like Instacart you will require having a Robust framework that can handle the on-demand deliveries flawlessly. On top of it make sure that you are incorporating potential features with an improved design that attracts your users to shop more.

To start with you will require choosing a business model first.

Choosing The Right Business Model

After you’ve gathered the data on developing a grocery delivery app, you need to choose a viable business model that accurately depicts your company. Before beginning to design the app, it is necessary to understand a variety of business concepts.

The single store approach is one in which the app platform collects and processes orders. The entire process of placing an order, processing it, and delivering it is managed by a single store. The app owner is responsible for all expenses as well as revenues.

The app platform connects store owners and users in the aggregator marketplace paradigm. Individual users place orders, which are processed by the store owner. The software can use third-party delivery partners, or the store owner can hire one themselves. The commission will be charged by the admin on every order placed through the app.

The chain of grocery stores business model is where the user places the order through the app or the website and the nearest grocery chain will deliver the orders.

Instacart Clone App Revenue Model

  • Delivery charges can be implemented in this revenue strategy as it is the most profitable one. Charging a delivery fee on all orders except the first one. These fees are determined by the delivery time requested by clients as well as the minimum purchase criteria.
  • You can encourage other businesses to include their services in your grocery delivery app. By collecting commissions, 3r party ad banners, loyalty programs, subscription fees, etc.
  • Cancellation charges will also help in adding more profits to your business revenue. The charges can be levied once the user places the order and cancels it. Some percentage of the amount is canceled and the rest is refunded.
  • Same-day delivery charges are slightly higher compared to the scheduled deliveries. Since the customers are ordering on-demand they don’t mind paying extra for the services.

Instacart Clone App New Features That Eliminates Your Competition

Restricted delivery driver’s fraud

The feature stops the driver from reporting the status as “Arrived” unless they are within X meters/feet of the Pickup Location. As a result, the entire delivery procedure is transparent, and rates are reasonable.

Re-assign delivery driver for store orders

Under the following circumstances, the Admin might reassign the delivery driver to complete the pending orders that were not fulfilled:

  • No delivery drivers are available in that area.
  • Even though delivery drivers were available, the delivery request was turned down.
  • After validating the order request, the delivery drivers canceled.

Free delivery promo codes for specific stores

Customers can use the Promo Code for “Free Delivery” from the list provided by the App owner for certain stores/all stores. This option can be turned on or off.

Location-wise Banner throughout the system

This feature allows the Admin to create the Home Page Banner “Location-wise,” so that it is only visible to the people who are specifically targeted.

Voice instructions for the delivery driver

Customers can now send audio messages to delivery drivers with delivery instructions, such as location or other details.

Location-wise promo code

The feature allows creating promo codes by geofencing to target the users.

Location-wise push-notifications

This functionality allows the administrator to send notifications and alerts to only selected areas. This makes it simple to reach the desired audience.

Cookie consent popup throughout the system

The feature informs users about the use of “Cookies” on your websites, as required by the GDPR and the EU Cookie Directive. When not in use, it can be disabled from the backend.

Graphical status of the delivery in progress

The software will display a graphical representation of the exact status of product delivery, including processes like Order placed, Order confirmed, Order ready, Order picked up, Order on the way, and Order delivered.

In Conclusion

On-demand food delivery is one of the most lucrative industries to enter in 2020, with firms like Instacart raking in millions of dollars. A viable Instacart-style app can be critical to your company’s success in Nigeria. You’ll have a great possibility to create a powerful firm by supplementing a high-quality software solution with appealing bargains, delivering high rates for shoppers, and having a customer-oriented strategy.

With companies like Instacart raking in millions of dollars, on-demand food delivery is one of the most lucrative businesses to pursue in 2020.

A viable Instacart Clone App can be crucial to the success of your business. By combining a high-quality software solution with tempting discounts, providing high rates for customers, and having a customer-oriented strategy, you’ll have a wonderful chance to build a successful company.