Netgear AC750 Range Extender Password not Working How I Login Device?

Netgear AC750 Range Extender

The Netgear AC750 Range Extender climbs the home network signals. The device provides the data connection with 800 Megabits per second speed. Two antennas to give stable connection and you can move these antennas anywhere. The extender used in which place the network connection is unstable. This helps to reduce the interference of another network around the router signals.

The device is easily connected with one button in 5 minutes. The device delivers range in the 1.2K area with 20 current connections. The device is connected to the computer or laptop through the wifi and Ethernet cable as well. The wired connection is stronger than the wireless connection. The device is manufactured by Netgear in Vietnam. There is only one port for a faster and stable connection.

The netgear ac750 extender setup is completed in almost 5 minutes with the one-touch WPS button. You just plug the router and touch the button. Then, the setup process is stated. You can manage the app through the wifi analytic app. You can analyze all the things.

Features of the Netgear AC750 Range Extender

There are multifarious features of the Netgear AC750 Range Extender.

Flexible workplace

The device works anywhere and builds strong coverage. The device is working where it is hard to reach people. If you are working or living in a low network zone. So, this device is helpful for you.

Expand the coverage

The device and the wifi coverage in the whole area and transfer the approximately 800 Megabits per seconds speed. You can enjoy HD video streaming, and playing games, for more purposes.

Netgear wifi app

The Netgear AC750 Range Extender is very beneficial for remote work. You can command your device far away from the device location through the Netgear wifi authentic app. 

Faster connection

People use this device to gain faster connections for enjoyment, completing any work, and more. For a faster connection, you need to commence your laptop or computer through the wired connection.


Security is very important for everything. The company provides strong security because another one connects and gets the benefit of your device without permission. The device is easily plugged in on all switches. 

These are the incredible characteristics of the Netgear AC750 Range Extender.

Tips to Solve the Issue of Netgear AC750 Range Extender Password not Working

To begin with, I will discuss the solution of not working password and how you can log in to Netgear AC750 Range Extender. Follow the steps point to point with full concentration and leave any step from the process because the whole process would be halved.

Check the login details

If you log in to your Netgear AC750 Range Extender on the web browser and the web page is not opened. So, check the login details which you entered in the box at the time of login. Take the right detail to log in from the label and configuration card. Match your previous details with this. If the details are wrong. So, text the right admin name and password which is mentioned on the label, and tap on login. If the details are correct and the login wage page shows an error. Thus, follow the next step.

Check the web browser version

Check the web browser version of your smartphone or computer. If the version is old. That’s why the site is not open and shows errors. Check the update of the web browser on the play store and settings. The web browser wants the update. So, click on the update and installation lines starting. After downloading the file, click on the file and then, install. Thus, the web browser is working well, and log in to your device again. Through this, the page is opened. So, take guidelines from the next heading.

Forget the new password after changing

If you forget a new password after changing or you enter the wrong or old security key to log in or visit the page. That’s why you do not access the mywifiext login page. To solve this issue, use the reset option to refresh all settings and security keys as well. Check the reset hole and take a PIN to put it into the reset mentioned hole. Tap this for 10 seconds, all LED lights are blinking while starting the reset process. Thus, set all the settings again and the password also. Then, log in to your device again.


Before two months ago, I went to my uncle’s house. Then, I saw this device is plugged in the drawing-room from a long distance away from electric appliances. My uncle told me, I purchased this device from an online shop for home, last year. Till now, it is working very well and whenever I have seen some problem. I solved these little problems by reading the instructions from the manual. Then, my uncle connected my phone to the Netgear AC750 Range Extender. I played an online game and it was not lacking. After 2 hours, I went back to my home.

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