OneTouch EMR Software – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

OneTouch EMR Software

About OneTouch EMR

One-Touch EMR is a cloud-based electronic health record that allows practices such as Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and General Practice to keep track of their patient’s medical records. Mobile devices running several network services, such as iOS and Android, can remotely access the platform.

Physicians who want to certify for Meaningful Use can utilize OneTouch EMR because it is an ONC-ATCB authorized software. The system is aimed to help doctors in receiving reimbursement by improving their entire note-taking abilities and offering digital Encrypt-and-MAC coding assistance. One-Touch EMR provides online chat, training videos, and telephone support.

What are the top OneTouch EMR Features?

Remote Access

One of the greatest features of OneTouch EMR, which many users appear to love, is that it is cloud-based. This implies you can use the program from any location on the planet. Because the system is housed on cloud servers, it does not need to be manually installed. This means that you’d be able to use the program from any location and on any gadget. You can utilize a web app to access the program and keep up with your healthcare practice even when you are not in the office using your login information.

Claims Scrubbing

The claims scrubbing tool in OneTouch EMR is also fantastic in terms of speeding up the claims filing procedure. This indicates you can streamline the claims filing procedure, allowing you to fill out paperwork more quickly and with fewer errors. It also aids you in getting these claims granted more frequently and with a larger frequency. This enables you to have good cash flow in your healthcare business, allowing you to be in a much more solid financial situation.

Lab Integration

The lab integration option enables you to order tests for clients directly from your clinic, making things easier for both you and your clients. The functionality then enables you to obtain test results straight on your EHR program once they become available. Since you can procure urgent experimental outcomes quickly, you can lay out quicker findings for your patients. You can also design better clinical treatment plans because you have a better understanding of the illness and what your client may require!

Electronic Prescriptions

The Electronic Prescription capacity of OneTouch EMR has gotten a ton of positive reviews. Digital prescriptions can save you money and allow you to concentrate on more essential tasks. Physicians may submit digital prescriptions straight to pharmacies with precise dosages and everything using the OneTouch EMR electronic prescriptions function. This element aids in the system’s effectiveness and optimization. Paper consumption is also decreased. This function was particularly popular among OneTouch EMR users. They appreciate how simple and convenient this function is for both patients and doctors.

How many Pricing plans does OneTouch EMR offer?

The software offers a free plan which includes basic features like electronic prescriptions, a client portal, etc. Then there is a silver plan which costs $199 per month, per provider. The next one is the gold plan which has some of the premium functions and costs about $349 per month, per provider. The Last one is the platinum program which costs about $599 per month per provider.

What do users have to say about One Touch EMR?

Users have great things to say about One Touch EMR Software. The current users of One Touch EMR Software seem to be very satisfied with what they are being offered. The software has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars which is a good rating for a top EHR software. Although One Touch EMR Reviews are flooded with good feedback, there are a few users who have complaints.

Does the software offer a demo?

Yes, you can get a software demo. You can simply request the vendor for OneTouch EMR demo. That will help you understand OneTouch EMR features better. You can also check out which OneTouch EMR pricing plan will suit you in the future!

What are some of the pros and cons of One Touch EMR according to current users?


  • The majority of the users find One Touch EMR Software very user-friendly. They feel that the software is very intuitive as well as easy to use.
  • Superbills and patient summary seem to be the top favorite feature of OneTouch EMR.
  • The software has a free version that you can test because moving on to the premium one.
  • Users feel like the software pricing they charge is very reasonable


  • One flaw/drawback that almost every other user complains about is customer support. The customer support team is very inactive which leads to delays in the workflow
  • The reminder feature is a little flawed and usually doesn’t work
  • Connectivity is sometimes an issue

What are the top alternatives for One Touch EHR?


For a variety of factors, NueMD is a very good substitute for OneTouch EMR System. The program offers a fantastic scheduling tool that allows you to optimize your weekly routine so that you can see as many people as feasible in a single day! This also lets you greatly improve your income. Workflow management, e-prescriptions, and a client portal are among the other elements that help to streamline tedious procedures and increase overall communication.

Praxis EMR

The Praxis EMR is the next option, and it is well-known for a number of factors. The templates option in Praxis EMR is fantastic, allowing you to select from a large number of templates. This suggests you can create a template that is tailored to your specific requirements and aids in the simplification of processes at your clinical practice. Aside from that, the program is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward. It also includes a fantastic and sophisticated client portal. In the healthcare field, the software is well-known.

Final Words!

OneTouch EMR software is a great medical software. If you are thinking of investing in One Touch EMR software, make sure to do your own research as well. Scheduling the OneTouch EMR demo will help you understand the software much better.