Painting Masonite Siding Correctly

Painting Masonite

Painting masonite is an art not everybody can master. It’s not a cakewalk! One needs to have the correct knowledge about the procedure of painting masonite. It includes knowing the step-by-step process and also about the equipment used to paint it. 

How masonite is painted to its absolute brilliance? 

Daubing masonite siding flawlessly is not a one step process! It includes multiple steps. To begin with,it depends on how long the paint persists on the Masonite and on the atmospheric condition of the region. To cite an example it is always recommended to smear paint on masonite under minimal humidity Decor Write for us

Below are the steps which ensures the correct way to paint masonite siding:

Keeping it clean

If you want your paint to persist longer on the masonite siding it’s always suggested to clean the masonite siding before daubing using a high-pressure power washer which has a range lying from 1500 to 3500 psi. It’s always safe to maintain a distance from the siding while cleaning it to prevent any undesirable abrasion. Oftentimes,it is observed that the extreme pressure which generates from the power washer can cause defacement to the siding.If you want to elude the abrasion caused by the pressure of the power washer you can opt for some bleach.But, do not let the bleach set in for prolonged time as it may cause damage to the sidin.

Caulking it

This step is of great importance since while cleaning,some water may have penetrated below the masonite siding that may help in the genesis of molds which can rot the masonite siding. That’s why caulking it properly is a crucial step to follow up to avoid the aforementioned things.It’s always best to caulk the siding once it has dried completely. The best time to do it is within the next 48 hrs of cleaning it. For this, you can use the caulking gun(which will make your work a lot easier) and apply waterproof caulk on the masonite. Caulk is not going to stay forever, so in case you see any fissure, it’s best to replace it because if the caulking is removed it will expose the masonite to potential harm. 

Prime it

Priming the masonite siding before painting is yet another crucial step. As it will assist in enhancing the quality of the masonite siding. Also, if there’s any visible abrasion on the masonite make sure you prime it properly to avoid any potential harm in the future. 

Paint it

After priming the final step includes the painting of the masonite siding. You should choose a paint which is durable and has good adhesion property as it will help to protect and prevent desquamating from occurring.Although,you will still need to repaint your siding in every six to eight years.You can spray, brush or roll the paint on the siding. However, spraying is considered as one of the most potent ways of daubing the siding quickly and effectively. 

Masonite painting can be done at home with all the equipment required but it’s always safe to take help from a professional contractor as it will get the job done as per your convenience. But in case,you plan to do it on your own and want your masonite siding painting to last longer you should keenly follow the above mentioned steps. If the Masonite is caulked well and maintained frequently, it may last for a span of 20 years without making any amends. Abrasion occurs when it is not maintained properly. If there’s masonite siding in your house,maintain it regularly. Some of the most affordable types of Masonite siding is the one made of pressed and laminated fibers.However,this doesn’t mean that it won’t have any drawbacks or issues. 

Pro tips:

If you want to clean an old Masonite siding in order to repaint it then sanding can be a good option for you. As it aids to remove the old paint from the Masonite siding easily. 

Some people use acrylic gesso as it sticks better to the resulting surface because the priming may fail but the gesso won’t.