Pencil Christmas Tree – Marimekko Tree Skirt

Pencil Christmas Tree

A pencil-shaped Christmas tree may look like a tall cylinder with thick branches. This type of tree is great for homes with tall ceilings. You can also buy a pre-lit pencil tree that is just seven feet tall and has 300 clear lights and a tree stand. Pencil trees also come with pre-attached branches, which make setup easy. Here are some tips for choosing the right tree:

Marimekko tree skirt is handmade with authentic Marimekko heavy cotton fabric from Finland

Known for its bright and colorful designs, a Marimekko tree skirt is a great way to express your style. Handmade from authentic Marimekko heavy cotton fabric from Finland, these skirts are ideal for any holiday or celebration. This Finnish textile company was founded in 1951 by Armi Ratia. After purchasing a factory in the suburbs of Helsinki, Ratia decided to introduce hand silk-screen printing to cotton sheeting. The irregularity of the prints lent them a unique human touch. The fabric itself is made from natural fibers and is machine-washable.

Made from heavy, authentic cotton fabric from Finland, the Marimekko tree skirt is 7.5 feet tall and 51 inches in diameter. It comes with a snap closure for hanging it to your tree. It’s one of a kind, so pattern placement may vary with each sale. The tree skirt comes with 350 clear pre-lit lights, which are included.

The Marimekko brand is synonymous with bold, innovative textile designs. The company’s founders, Armi Ratia and Viljo Ratia, envisioned bold, modern textile designs and gathered promising young artists to create new fabric prints. Amfora, designed by Maija Isola, was among the first fabrics to be produced. The company also sells a wide variety of home furnishings, from pillows and blankets to Moomin books.

Handmade with authentic Marimekko heavy cotton fabric in Finland, a Marimekko tree skirt is a beautiful way to accent your holiday decor. It’s made from heavy cotton fabric with a beautiful floral design. The skirt is fully lined and finished with a silk zipper, which makes it easy to slip into. Authentic Marimekko tree skirts are perfect for any holiday or celebration.

It features silver metallic snowflakes

This silky white ribbon with shimmering silver metallic snowflakes is perfect for holiday decoration. Set on a deep navy blue background, it features silver metallic snowflakes. Wired ribbon is perfect for everyday designs, but also works great for holiday decorations. It is easy to work with and comes on a single spool. Each spool has about 16 yards. Its silver trim helps it maintain its everyday look. The ribbon measures 2.5 inches wide and has shimmering silver flakes.

It is drought tolerant

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Some of these plants have specialized tissues for storing water, such as deep roots and stomata on their leaves. These structures trap moisture and help plants maintain a pressure balance. These mechanisms also allow drought-tolerant plants to keep growing, despite the lack of water. Plants that are drought-tolerant have adapted to arid conditions by converting carbon into usable forms. These plants have deep roots and lower metabolic rates, which allows them to survive without water.

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It is easy to put up

If you are looking for a simple way to decorate your home for the holidays, consider putting up a pencil Christmas tree. These festive trees are easy to put up and are filled with 350 clear lights. They also come with a burlap tree skirt with gold snowflakes. The pencil tree will look beautiful anywhere you choose to place it. It is perfect for decorating a smaller space, as they can be placed anywhere without taking up too much space.

Pencil Christmas trees are narrower than skinny trees, making them great for small rooms. Depending on the shape of the branches, pencil Christmas trees can be as tall as nine feet. You can choose from flocked or prelit varieties, and they are easy to keep clean and decorate. If you choose a pencil Christmas tree with a pre-lit option, you can enjoy free curbside pickup and delivery for orders over $59 and same-day delivery for select trees.

If you prefer a more elaborate tree, you can purchase a full-sized tree skirt. It measures approximately thirty inches in diameter and is made with three layers of fabric. The first layer is made of a quilt featuring Christmas trees, with green, white, and red backgrounds. The second layer has a frosted glittery “snow” design to enhance its beauty. The pencil Christmas tree looks particularly lovely with a tree skirt.

When it comes to ribbon, use wired ribbon or a few long strips to decorate. Wire ribbon is easier to bend and will not make as much of a visual impact as thin ribbon. Burlap and mesh are also great options. Mixing different textures will add interest to the pencil Christmas tree and give it a unique look. If you follow these steps carefully, you should be able to put up a pencil Christmas tree in no time.