Penthouse – Life of Exclusivity and Luxury

Penthouse - Life of Exclusivity and Luxury

Penthouse is a name that came into existence in the early 1920s. New York was the first-ever city to introduce the concept of the Penthouse. It took its inspiration from European architecture had large spacious rooms with pillars and beams that looked enormous and created an illusion of a stately home.

Penthouse is called so as it is located on the topmost floor of an apartment building and is usually present only in exclusive and upscale apartments. Most penthouses are located inside large towers as well. Penthouse in Pune is one of the most urban and modern housings preferred by the most exclusive clients looking for something extraordinary to live in.

For those who are done with expensive villas, apartments and premium homes, Penthouse in Pune will offer them something adventurously decadent to invest and revel in.

Why invest in a Penthouse?

A Penthouse is a top apartment in a posh and upscale apartment tower or condo. It is one of the most exclusive accommodations and therefore is very sought after by most people. There are not a lot of penthouses in Pune or in India even, which makes them exclusive and one of a kind.

Living in a penthouse is synonymous with having a premium, and upscale lifestyle, as penthouses come with features that make them unique and attractive.

To complement living in an exclusive facility, penthouses are finished and furnished with breathtaking features such as high ceilings, floor-to-roof glass walls, a spacious outdoor balcony or terrace, decorative beams across the living or other rooms, etc.

The penthouse is located on the top floor and therefore has total privacy and usually has its own elevator and, in most cases, opens right up into the home or the front facade of the home. This is another great feature that most people love about living in a penthouse.

Most elevators do not grant access to the penthouse floor; therefore, there is total security and privacy for those living up in the clouds per se. Penthouse is a preferred choice for those who want to go the extra mile and have something luxuriously plush when it comes to living in the city.

Features of a Modern day Penthouse

Today, there is little that a penthouse does not have. Except for a garden on the floor or a picket fence, there is practically nothing that a penthouse does not have. Penthouses have incredible features such as:

1. High ceilings

Most penthouses come with high ceilings that let in plenty of natural light and further enhance the spaciousness inside the apartment. This also enhances the overall look of the home.

2. Full-length glass walls

Complementing the high ceilings, most builders offer at least one glass wall that runs from floor to roof, giving spectacular views to kill for, be it in the city or outskirts overlooking the lush greenery.

3. Spacious floor plans

Most penthouses have larger floor plans than the rest of the apartments below them, which is another major advantage of taking up a penthouse.

4. Premium Furnishings

Penthouses are furnished one step better than the rest of the apartments and, therefore, may have exclusive fittings and furnishings to the rest of them.

5. Private Access

The best feature perhaps is the private access and the complete privacy in the apartment with elevators that lead directly home.