Perks Of Hiring Wall Mounting Services London

wall mounting services London

The way we display our TVs in our homes has changed in the present times. Modern TVs have become thinner and large. The days have passed when there were small wooden corners for small and slim TVs. TVs have become the most important part of our lives as they have become more integrated with our lives. TVs are hanged or mount on the walls nowadays. You should use professional wall mounting services London for this purpose. 

Benefits of wall-mounting your TV

Here are some benefits of mounting your Tv on the wall that you should know about. 

Save space

To place your TV on the table on the cabinet, you need more space on the floor to keep them. When you decide to mount your TVs on the walls, you don’t need extra space on the floor to keep them. You can have your TV accessories tucked out on the wall by installing the controlled system, amplifier, or any other such device. 


Your TVs are safe while having mounted on the walls. When the TVs are placed on the table or cabinets, kids or cats can reach them and cause harm to them by breaking or cracking the window of the TV. Mounting your TV on the wall can prevent these damages to happen, keeping your children and TV safe.

Reduced Clutter

When you have your TV mounted on the wall, all the cables are run through the cavity inside the wall that reduced the visual clutter. It also decreases tripping hazards and invisible messes of the cables behind the TV on the wall.

Complications That You Need to Consider

While mounting a TV on the wall, or hiring wall mounting services London, you might face these complications that you need to consider:

Type of wall

It depends on the type of wall that which material you should use or what type of bracket you should use to mount your Tv on the wall. For example, if you have a plaster wall in your house, you should make sure that the bracket is solidly fixed. It means that you have to find some points of timber or stud on the wall to strongly fix the bracket, otherwise you may end up in floor mounting of your TV. 

If you want to mount your Tv on the brick wall, the bracket will easily fix. But the problem is that cables will not smoothly through these walls. You can discuss it with your installers to find an alternative according to the type of walls in your house. 

Nearby Chimneys

The most important thing to consider while mounting your TV on the wall is nearby chimneys. Chimneys can make cable access somehow difficult. The heat released from the chimneys might also have an immense effect on the TVs mounted on the walls near to it. You should consider the distance between the TV and the chimney that is very important and consider the view angle also. 

WiFi Interference

Wall mounting services London also requires the location of your WiFi device to receive internet signals. When your TV is far away from your WiFi device, then it might get trouble in receiving the internet signals by the TV. There are some ways through which you can minimize these issues.

  • Plug the hardwire cable in your TV to easily get WiFi signals. 
  • Relocate your WiFi modem to a nearby location.
  • Install a WAP to increase the strength of WiFi signals.

Location of Cables:

When you decide to mount your TV on the wall, you need to make a cavity on the wall to run the cables smoothly. You can take help from your installers to manage things and cables behind the TV on the wall. All the cables such as antenna cable, internet cable, and power cable should be adjusted perfectly. After setting up all the cables, there will be no dangling cables reaching down the floor and are visible. It will not take extra space on the floor for cables when all these cables are assembled inside the wall. You can control your TVs with infrared Repeaters with your normal remotes without any direct contact. 

What Kind of Bracket Do You Need?

You should consult your installer or service provider to choose that which kind of bracket you should use, according to the type of wall. There are many materials they will suggest to you as an alternative to your wall that will be suitable for your wall. They are professionals and know everything about their services and related things. That’s why it’s better to ask them instead of choosing it yourself. It will help you in running your mounted TV smoothly and without getting any trouble with cables. 

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