Rockin’ Jump – Fun For the Whole Family

Rockin' Jump - Fun For the Whole Family

Whether you’re looking for a fun family activity, or just want to give your kids a fun day out, Rockin’ Jump is the place for you. Open Monday through Saturday until 9 p.m. and on Sundays until 8 p.m., Rockin’ Jump has the right atmosphere for bouncing. This trampoline park is the perfect choice for kids and adults alike. Whether you want to jump with friends or family, this trampoline park is sure to thrill and relax.

Safety hazards of losing jewelry while jumping at a trampoline park

Jewellery is especially dangerous while jumping at a trampoline park. When your child is tired, they are more likely to lose control. So, it is best to remove any jewelry before jumping. Also, remember to remove your jewelry before your child jumps. If your child is wearing a watch, necklace, or other jewelry, it is likely to get caught on the trampoline or snag on the landing.

You are also at risk of losing your jewelry or other valuables while jumping at a trampoline park. This is because trampolines are made of soft materials, and a fall on one of them could result in serious injury or even paralysis. In addition, trampolines are dangerous for people who try to do tricks or flips. They could land on their head, neck, or stomach. Moreover, jumping while intoxicated is also dangerous.

Always wear proper clothing before entering the jump space. Do not wear loose articles of clothing or jewelry while jumping. Do not sit, lie, or eat or drink in the jump space. Guests with medical conditions are prohibited from jumping at trampoline parks. As well, make sure to wear grip socks while on the trampoline. If you are under the age of 13, you should never leave a child unattended.

While you can safely jump and have fun at a trampoline park, you should not take your valuables with you. There are other risks, such as losing your jewelry. Ensure you follow all rules to avoid serious injury. The rules of the trampoline park should be followed. You should never double jump at a trampoline park. You might even get hurt! You will be surprised how many times you end up losing jewelry during a trampoline park session.

Safety features of Rockin’ Jump

The founders of Rockin’ Jump are proud to have opened a location in the Sacramento metro area, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With their background in construction, hospitality, food and beverage, and entrepreneurship, the two are perfect for opening a new location. The two men founded the first Rockin’ Jump location in Dublin, CA in 2011 and have since expanded to three locations, including one in San Jose. According to the company’s website, “ROCKIN’ JUMP provides a fun, safe, and exciting environment.”

Throughout the year, the Rockin’ Jump operates seven days a week with extended hours during Holiday Breaks. Its safety program, JumpSafe(tm), focuses on preventing injuries and providing a fun and safe experience to all ages and abilities. To ensure the safety of every guest, ROCKIN’ JUMP has a comprehensive safety program and a dedicated team of employees. The staff is trained in all aspects of the business, from employee training to customer service and customer interactions. Its employees are rewarded with a high five when they listen and interact with guests.

Parents will find it convenient to have time alone with their kids while they jump. Rockin’ Jump has lounge areas with massage chairs, full-screen televisions, and free Wi-Fi to stay in touch with friends and family. Parents can enjoy a snack, coffee, or beverage while their kids are playing safely in the park. Parents can even join in on the fun by purchasing food or beverages at the concession stand. They can even shop while their kids jump.

The Rockin’ Jump trampoline park offers several “arenas” that allow different activities. There’s an Open Jump Arena and a Stunt Bag Arena where acrobats and gymnastics can practice. Both of these areas have high spring trampolines with a protective landing pad. The Rockin’ Jump is equipped with an America Ninja Warrior obstacle course. The park has several different activities, which keep the kids entertained and safe.

Hours of operation

If you want to take the family to an indoor trampoline park but don’t want to pay an exorbitant price, you’ll need to know the hours of operation at Rockin Jump. They’re open seven days a week and are closed on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. Their hours are extended during Holiday Breaks and the summer season, but they don’t take reservations. For more information, check out their website.

For kids, check out their Rockin’ Tots program. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday (from 9AM to 11AM) they have free jumping time for toddlers and adults. For an additional $3 per child, there’s also Rockin’ Friday, which is geared towards teens aged 11-17. Rockin’ Tots classes are designed to be fun disguised as fitness. They also have fitness classes, Rockin’ Saturdays, and Teen Jump sessions.

Discounts for active duty military

Active duty military can receive discounts on their visits to Rockin’ Jump! The discount offers are valid for active duty military members, as well as their families. Military personnel can take advantage of discounts on day passes and party rentals. They must be at least 44 inches tall to participate. The park has trampolines both on the ground and on the walls. Active duty military members can also enjoy discounts on birthday parties and group events.

In addition to these discounts, many attractions, restaurants, and e-commerce businesses offer special offers for veterans, military members, and their families. These offers are made possible by companies like SheerID, which partners with for-profit enterprises to verify the military status of customers. The company’s mission is to help businesses give back to the military community through promotions and exclusive discounts. SheerID has also introduced military verification for its retail partners.

Veterans and active duty military can also take advantage of special discounts on the first day of the holiday season. Rockin’ Jump is offering veterans and their families free jumps on November 11th! Veterans can also enjoy a 20% off coupon from Round Table Pizza. These coupons cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts. Additionally, veterans and active duty military can receive free park admission and half-priced rides! There are plenty of patriotic events and exhibits at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to take advantage of during your visit.

Programs for all ages

Rockin’ Jump is a great place to let off some steam, whether you’re a mom or a dad. With a huge open jump arena, dodgeball courts, a basketball slam zone, and a climbing wall, the venue has something for every kid. Parents can relax in the Rockin’ Lounge or join in on the action in the arena. It’s an excellent way to stay active while making wonderful memories, and parents can also enjoy a tasty treat or cold beverage in the Rockin’ Cafe.

Parents can also get in some much-needed exercise after school or work. The Rockin’ Jump cafe serves healthy meals and hosts parties for up to 100 people. Rockin’ Jump’s programs are fun for kids, adults, and seniors of all ages. Parents are also welcome to book a birthday party for their children, whether it’s a birthday party or a school outing. They also have a special program for kids with special needs.

Parents can enjoy clean, fun, and safe activities for kids of all ages at Rockin’ Jump. The Ridge Hill location has no-slip socks to avoid slipping or friction burns. Younger jumpers, less experienced kids, and even children with special needs can enjoy the facilities. Parents can also take a break and join in on the fun at the Rockin’ Jump Ridge Hill. Parents can enjoy the gym while their kids jump around and enjoy the fun.

Parents can plan a birthday party at Rockin’ Jump and receive a free t-shirt or pizza dinner. Rockin’ Jump is the perfect venue for a birthday party or a regular visit. Children can make friends and have a blast at the Rockin’ Jump facility. For even more family fun, the Rockin’ Tots Interactive Entertainment Center offers weekly events and promotions for all ages. They’ve been voted #1 for kids’ birthday parties and the best kids’ center in the Myrtle Beach Herald Readers’ Choice Awards.