Suspended Bed Latest Bedroom Furniture Trend

Suspended Bed

Décor is important, even in the bedroom. The latest trends of 2021-2022 speak of modernity and minimalist style, which can certainly be liked or not but which always fascinates everyone for its lightness and its reinterpretation of the concept of furniture.

The modern bedroom, today like today, has one main feature: it is suspended. That’s right: suspended furniture, and suspended beds co uk , seem to prevail in the home and international style of furniture. The contemporary bedroom is modern, it is spacious, minimalist, and possibly suspended: a symbol of a new concept of home and life, of a new way of living. The trend first of all involves beds: suspended beds, both single and double, seem to emanate a feeling of lightness and immobility, concentration and balance, almost a mix between the oriental and the modern tradition.

The completely or partially suspended bed is above all a joy for the sight: inside a modern and expertly furnished room, it is undoubtedly a magical and dreamy touch, a balance of sight and for the eyes. However, there are various types of suspended beds, with support from above (and therefore from the ceiling) or from below. Obviously, before setting up a bed suspended from the ceiling it is necessary to hear from a designer: a suspended bed of this type must necessarily be carefully calibrated compared to the possibility of the ceiling to adequately support the weight over time, to avoid problems. Therefore it is necessary to consult an architect in order to evaluate whether or not the characteristics of the room have the possibility of being adequate with respect to the suspended bed.

Other models, on the other hand, are supported by a metal or other material base that allows the bed to be raised and made to appear raised from the ground, suspended in the void. The height is usually also adjustable, so you can add maximum comfort to an aesthetically pleasing bed. Usually, the suspended bed is equipped with a metal structure and a more or less wide platform, which supports the mattress. Despite its slim appearance, the bed is extremely durable. The idea that it transmits, even to the eye, is that of lightness and maximum balance, a modern and simple effect that manages to give a unique touch to your room.

The design, of course, is modern and unmistakable, the real trend of 2021.

What about the perfect roommate of this hanging bed, the hanging wardrobe? Usually, it is proposed together with the suspended bed, as the two furnishings blend perfectly giving an idea of ​​lightness and solidity at the same time that constitutes the true essence of the new trends in furniture.

The suspended wardrobe gives a certain feeling of lightness and certainly has a lot of impacts as regards the general appearance of the room, but it does even more: it is very convenient from a practical point of view as it facilitates cleaning operations. Furthermore, the latest trend is to store shoes under the suspended wardrobe, in this way it is possible to solve (definitively, if necessary) the problem of the shoe cabinet.
Also, in this case, the possibility of choice is undoubtedly very high: for example, you can opt for a wardrobe in wood, or in other modern materials, thus personalizing your bedroom in the style you prefer.. The final effect will certainly be excellent: elegance, practicality, lightness, and modernity combined within the suspended furniture.

Suspended beds and wardrobes are undoubtedly a solution of great interest for those who are attentive to new trends in bedroom furniture. A light, impactful solution, as beautiful to look at as it is comfortable and practical to manage also from the point of view of cleaning.