Technologies Used By Think To Share For App Development

We are Think To Share, a pragmatic team of website designers and software enthusiast professionals and much more. We use various technologies that accelerate and improve the app developments we do. These technologies are used in nearly every project we undertake.  Let’s look at a few of these technologies that are shaping us as a prominent web development company in Kolkata and are shaping our strong relationship with you.


PHP – PHP is an open-source and trusted scripting language we use to write websites and also web-based applications and services. PHP is reliable and is used worldwide in various commercially successful web apps like Wikipedia, Yahoo, WordPress, Etsy, Mailchimp and many more. We use PHP for various backend operations such as managing databases, session tracking and even dynamic content management. We use PHP to create interactive and dynamic websites.

Node.Js – We use Node.js to execute JavaScripsts outside a web browser. It is an excellent tool because it is open-source and we at ThinkToShare value the trustworthiness of anything open-source. It is also cross-platform making compatibility excellent. Node.js is used by us in everything from push notifications to news feeds as well as chat in our various client websites.


Laravel – We use the framework Laravel, which is also an open-source web framework made using PHP. We use Laravel in multiple scenarios such as building a variety of custom web applications. Laravel helps us with authentication, as well as sessions and routing and caching. 

Nest.Js – Nest.js is progressive in that it is a framework built using TypeScript and provides a structural pattern to the Node. We use Nest.js for various tasks such as writing scalable and testable applications. The best thing about this framework is that it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB making the tasks quite fluid. 


Ionic – We use the open-source SDK Ionic for building native android and iOS and Windows apps using the same codebase, making the development of hybrid mobile applications easy and we also use this SDK for building various WebApps.  

Angular – Written in TypeScript, Angular is an open-source front-end web application framework that is used by us to create single-page client applications with HTML and TypeScript.

React – We use the open-source front-end JavaScript library for various UI tasks such as building user interfaces based on UI components. We use this library for single-page applications wherein we use it for various tasks like handling the view layer for web and mobile apps.

Capacitor – We use this native open-source runtime primarily for building WebApps as well as creating cross-platform Android, iOS, and other progressive WebApps with HTML, javascript, and CSS.

Cordova – We use this mobile application development framework for building and developing hybrid web applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript for mobile devices. The best thing about Apache Cordova is that we do not have to rely on platform-specific APIs for different platforms.


AWS – Probably one of the most popular cloud services platforms, Amazon Web Services(AWS) is crucial to us at ThinkToShare because of its reliability. We use AWS for everything including database storage, content delivery, computing power and use AWS for its on-demand APIs.

Vercel – We use Vercel for our frontend and static sites. We at ThinkToShare use platforms that are used by the top IT companies in the world and Vercel is reputed as companies like McDonald’s, IBM, Uber etc too use Vercel for e-commerce, travel, marketing etc.

Firebase – We use this reputed development platform by Google for quick development and deployment of high-quality apps. We also use Firebase for product experiments, analytics, app crash data analysis etc.


Android Studio – As the name suggests we use Android Studio to build apps for all android devices like phones, TVs, Android Wear and Android Auto. 

BrowserStack – We use this devtool to test websites and apps across browsers, Oss and mobile devices. 

These were a few technologies used by us at Think ToS hare for app development. We always emphasise using industry-standard services which have excellent compatibility and which are open-source.