Effective Technology Use In Internal Operation of Facility Management

Internal Operation of Facility Management

Technology is paramount to the operations of a facility management company and especially in today’s day and age technology plays a pivotal role in how we do everything from the simplest of tasks to all the core tasks that we have to complete.

Previously, facility management used to use ledgers and notes and documents to keep track of everything and that was good for the time but in today’s day and age, we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd have put systems in place that will ensure that all our facilities and all our services, as well as all the internal operations, can be monitored from our headquarters so that we always keep track of our services. This is mainly because we do not want to compromise on the quality of the services and only through internet-connected services we can ensure that our clients are getting what they ask for at all times and that is, the full cooperation of our facility management company in India.

Speaking of technology, there are a lot of technologies that we use in our day to day operations. Let us look at a few key technologies which we utilise daily to keep our internal operations in the best working order.

AI-Based Space Planning Tools

Space planning is quite important to a facilities management company because of all the tools that we have to keep ready and in working order and also all the teams of employees and workmen that we have to manage. This is one of the most difficult tasks of a facility management company and that is to keep all these operations running in perfect order without wasting resources and valuable warehouse space. There is also the issue of managing properties as well as managing construction materials and other facility management duties that lets us manage various assets. In all these scenarios, we have to operate not only efficiently but also logically. While algorithms can solve the issue of working efficiently, there also comes the issue of working logically and that is where our AI-enabled technologies help us in understanding patterns and give us a heads up as to best manage our workforce and our workspaces.

Covid Ready Workplace and Workforce

The pandemic was something that nobody could have imagined and the same goes for us. While in the beginning we always had to keep in mind the safety protocols by physically keeping our distance as well as using large amounts of sanitization materials and other safety measures, these were not logical to a facilities management company. That is why we had to utilise state of the art advanced technologies that would enable us to save time as well as be more efficient in our operations. One of these technologies was the automated hand and foot cleaning apparatus and technologies we used for everyone in our workforce. The other crucial kit was the use of ultraviolet lights to disinfect various regions. This allowed us to use less of all the toxic disinfectants thereby being more eco friendly with our approach to dealing with the virus.

Advance EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Systems

One of our most valuable resources is not something we can hold in our hands but is probably something that we protect with the highest level of security because it helps us become the best facility management company. This asset is nothing but data because data allows us to do things that would have been impossible previously and that is using it in our systems. This data allows us in maintaining and manage the various facilities that we manage and this data also helps us in various analyses

which we do from time to time to ensure no wastage of resources. Our advanced EAM systems use this data effectively and automatically to help us with our asset management. Being a facility management company, we always have to manage things that are valuable to our clients and if something is valuable to them it is priceless to us and that is why we take great pride and using only the best enterprise-level asset management softwares to do this.

Employee Review Apps

Our employees are at the heart of our business and it is these employees that help us keep the facility management running and that includes all the various services that we provide such as cleaning services as all manpower management and helpdesk management services. Therefore we take importance in understanding as well as addressing the various issues and complaints that our employees might have. We also use these employee review apps and employee experience apps to understand and evaluate employees. At DMM, there is no guesswork because behind everything there are complex algorithms in place to understand and justify any decision and action.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) Technology

Having a facility management company means dealing with various services in various buildings. These services can take place on different sections of large buildings, making them nearly impossible to manage and keep track of and that is where our BIM technology comes into play. Our BIM technology allows us to keep track of various operations in real-time view of any building and that building can be of any size.

These were a few of the core technologies we use for the best and the most efficient inner workings of our facility management company. While having so much technology at our disposal can seem detrimental and it is if there is a lack of human touch but we always keep the fact in mind that we are a facility management company and dealing with a facility is dealing with people because ultimately behind this facilities are people and it is the people that we are serving and that is why we always keep human touch to the technology is. There is always an extra set of eyes to make sure that these technologies are running well. And as always if you are looking for the best facility management company based in Kolkata then we at DMM are your best option.