The 4 Best Server Motherboards in 2021

server motherboard

1. GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Pro 

Need to make things a stride further with a very good quality motherboard? It doesn’t get further developed than the X399 Aorus Pro. 

This is an ATX motherboard, similar to the C246-WU4, however you can undoubtedly fit it inside any case. 

The X399 Aorus Pro backings first and second Gen Threadripper CPUs, because of the utilization of the FOXCONN 4094 Pins TR4 attachment. 

The X399 Aorus Pro probably won’t be the most productive overclocker accessible available, however it’s exceptionally proficient at running Server-CPU

This board highlights premium balance configuration heat sinks that are connected together through an empty cylinder, which guarantees an ideal air course. 

The CPU stages include a therm-cushioned layer to keep the VRM from overheating since you just have 8 stages. 

Smash astute, the board includes the typical quad-channel setup. It can uphold up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM at 3,600 MHz. 

To the extent of stockpiling, the board highlights 3x M.2 SSD connectors with direct admittance to the CPU, so you will not require a boot stick emplacement. 

The connectors display a speed of 32Gbps independently with 4x SATA ports. You additionally have your standard SATA 3.0 attachments that you can use for regular stockpiling arrangements. 

Each fitting parades an exchange speed of 6Gbps. Consider seeing another top X399 motherboard or a comparable top X370 motherboard and Refurbished Server CPU

HP Server Motherboards, Model Name/Number: Hp Ml 110, ATX, Rs 25000 /piece  | ID: 10966317233

Key Features: 

  • first and second Gen Threadripper support 
  • ECC and non-ECC support 
  • Front and back USB 3.1 Type-C 
  • 4-way illustrations support 
  • 3x super quick M.2 connectors 


  • Amazingly steady execution 
  • Supports ECC and non-ECC RAM 
  • M.2 connectors are eminently quick 
  • Extremely proficient air dissemination 
  • Incredibly solid development 

2. ASRock X570M Pro4 

In case you’re hoping to assemble a skilled DIY NAS server yet the Gigabyte C245-WU4 is altogether too costly for you, you should look at the ASRock X570M Pro4. 

This board has a miniature ATX structure factor of 9.6 x 9.6 inches. 

It’s genuinely enormous, yet it’s not quite so huge as the C245-WU4. You’ll require a to some degree enormous suspension to house this motherboard. 

The X570M Pro4 is AM4-based, which means it’s viable with practically all of the most recent Athlon and Ryzen CPUs from AMD. 

This is incredible in light of the fact that most AMD processors aren’t so exorbitant, which is a perfect fit for you when attempting to construct a financial plan agreeable DIY NAS server. 

The 10 Power Phase configuration is unbelievable in this motherboard, so you’re ensured stable NAS execution every minute of every day since it empowers more VRM to go through the board without bringing about any harm or failing. 

This is a great option in contrast to the C246-WU4 on the off chance that you wouldn’t fret a huge structure factor. 

With respect to the X series, try to investigate the top X570 motherboard just as the top X470 motherboard for additional choices. 

Key Features: 

  • Houses an AM4 attachment 
  • 10 Power Phase plan 
  • 8x SATA III ports 
  • first and second Gen USB 3.2 
  • AMD Quad Crossfire 


  • Supports Athlon and Ryzen CPUs 
  • Can deal with 8 distinct hard drives 
  • Supports ECC and non-ECC RAM 
  • Striking stage power plan 
  • Reasonable for financial plan NAS servers 

3. ASRock H370M-ITX/AC 

The ASRock H370M-ITX is an exceptionally reasonably scaled down ITX motherboard that parades 6 SATA ports, so you can interface up to 6 distinctive hard drives. 

This by itself makes the H370M-ITX an ideal motherboard for NAS servers. 

The small scale ITX structure factor implies that you needn’t bother with an extremely huge skeleton to house this unit. 

The board parades a LGA 1151 attachment that permits you to use normal eighth and ninth Gen Intel processors. 

You can go as low as a Pentium chipset or as high as a Core i9 chipset, it’s absolutely dependent upon you. 

In case you’re hoping to construct a basic NAS server, you needn’t bother with an amazing CPU; you can essentially choose a Pentium or a Core i3. 

Key Features: 

  • LGA 1151 attachment 
  • 6x SATA ports 
  • eighth and ninth Gen Intel CPU support 
  • Wi-Fi network 
  • Non-ECC RAM support 


  • Viable with different processors 
  • Optimal network for NAS servers 
  • Can oblige 6 hard drives 
  • Structure factor needn’t bother with much space 
  • Profoundly reasonable sticker price 

4. GIGABYTE TRX 40 Designare 

The eventual outcome on our rundown and the most costly of all is the TRX40 Designare from Gigabyte.

This motherboard is a definitive pick for anybody hoping to fabricate a rock solid DIY server for home or gaming purposes. 

The board is planned explicitly for workstation clients and content makers. 

This motherboard has each of the fundamental necessities that you should search for in a motherboard, from an Intel Gigabit Ethernet regulator to Realtek ALC4050H matching for installed sound. 

What we love the most with regards to this motherboard is that it seems as though something obtained from an outsider boat, with its rich and cutting edge dark and silver topic. It basically looks staggering. 

Investigating the rear of the motherboard, you’ll find a huge load of connectors that you can use to incorporate however many peripherals depending on the situation, and the double LAN from Gigabyte. 

The Designare is unique in relation to the remainder of the TRX40 arrangement since it includes a GC-Titan Ridge Thunderbolt 3 AIC, making it the ideal piece of innovation for VM and workstation servers. 

Key Features: 

  • ECC and non-ECC support 
  • Parades 4x M.2 spaces 
  • 8x SATA ports 
  • Thunderclap 3 AIC 
  • Wi-Fi availability 


  • Supports up to 256GB of ECC RAM 
  • Loads of openings for development 
  • Reasonable for substantial workstations 
  • Outstanding feel 
  • Loads of connectors for peripherals