The 5-point lock is a guarantee of security

The 5-point lock is a guarantee of security

Allowing a 5-point locking of your door, the 5-point lock is a guarantee of security for your home. This device, which is available in several versions, offers its users many advantages with a view to securing their families and their property. What are the advantages of the 5-point lock?

The aim of this article is to give a succinct answer to this question by providing information on the operation and the different models of this type of security system for your doors, available on the market.

The 5-point lock: maximum security thanks to an operation modeled on that of the 3-point models

The 5-point lock works on the same principle as the 3-point locks. In the design of this security system for your doors, the 5 points are in fact bolts that are arranged from top to bottom on the edge of the door. The role of these bolts is to lock the door in its various anchoring points by sinking vertically and laterally. It is this structure that gives this device its multiple advantages.

By choosing such a system, you benefit from particularly high protection against theft and break-ins. These are not the only advantages of 5-point locks. These models are indeed known for their remarkable deterrent power. The different versions available in the market are characterized by interchangeability at the part level, which means that their users can change them at any time without incurring significant expense. It is thus possible to achieve significant savings insofar as a complete replacement of the lock is not necessary for the event of a problem linked to one of the mechanisms.

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Another major advantage of the 5-point lock is the A2P (Prevention Protection Insurance) certification that most of the versions offered by the manufacturers include, which constitutes an irrefutable guarantee of the security offered by this type of system for your customers. doors. Finally, this family of locks improves the thermal and sound insulation qualities of the doors on which they are installed. As you can see, the diversity of models allows everyone to find the device that guarantees maximum protection.

5-point overlay, or mortise or mortise locks: which one to choose?

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers of 5-point locks compete in ingenuity to provide both private and professional users with two types of models. To reinforce the security of your doors, whether for your home or your business premises, you have the choice between the 5-point surface-mounted lock and the mortise or recessed lock. By opting for the first version, you benefit from a perfectly visible device with five lateral anchoring points, at the top and bottom of the door.

With these locks to be affixed to the door, drilling is not necessary when creating the strike at the bottom of your door. It is the ideal choice when your floor is made of precious or fragile material, such as marble for example.

With the 5-point mortise or recessed locks, the anchor points have the same characteristics as those of the surface-mounted models. In addition, these versions are distinguished by tilting or extending bolts. These are locks that you can install on a wide variety of media. Locksmith Tampa can cite for example PVC, aluminum, wood, metal, and many others.

How to get the most out of 5-point locks?

The 5-point lock is a door security system that offers its users excellent resistance to burglary attempts. But for it to be so, you need to install it on a suitable donor. This type of device is ideal for very resistant doors, especially armored doors. This is an option that allows you to take advantage of a closure ensuring very good resistance.

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