The Best Gaming Hard Drives For Serious Gamers

Gaming Hard Drives

You’ve got a PC or laptop with less than 256GB of storage space. You’re downloading high-res audio files, 4K videos, and 20-megapixel photos. Before you know it, the storage space is all used up. But there’s good news: SSDs are getting cheaper and more affordable all the time. So, you can buy one with more than enough storage space for your projects and your vast media collection.

Gamers know better. Video games tend to be getting bigger and bigger, sometimes to more than 50GB in size for a single game. And it’s not just laptop gamers: consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 can also run into this problem.

Outer HDDs and SSDs are the appropriate response. They’re minimal expense, enormous and dynamically expedient – and each one you might want to attempt to is plug them in. USB 3 drives are fast enough for almost each reason, though you’ll consolidate the latest USB 3.1 and USB-C drives with a PC upholds them and obtain sufficient speed for 4K video composing or anything. We’ve chosen some of the best outside drives – each SSD and HDD – to conceal all necessities, just as work area models, slimline portables and matchbox-sized SSDs. regardless of your longings, regardless of your spending plan, we have the legitimate hard drive for your gaming reason.

Check out the list below:


In case you’re into hard drives that convey outrageous execution and give bunches of ability at a comparative time, Toshiba X300 should be your choice. Its style of limits (4TB-10TB) will manage over a few put in games, while its horribly conspicuous most progressive read/compose paces of over 200MB/s (that will for all intents and purposes be contrasted and the Seagate FireCuda, that might be a half and half drive) can ensure for the smoothness of games. Toshiba X300 offers calm execution even underneath full burden, while its inner shock indicator and double stage component are making sure the information respectability. Its SATA3 property and consequently the motility speed of 7200 fire up are to the present guidelines, while its 128MB or 256MB (10TB) of reserve work with this drive stand apart from the pack, and work with its great presentation. You can’t expect undeniably more than this from the best hard drive for gaming. Accordingly, in case you’re a bad-to-the-bone gamer, you will not fail to understand the situation with this one.

WD Blue 500 GB hard disk Drive

At the point when you’re on a very strict spending plan anyway you severely might want a space for putting away inside the in the meantime, this for certain is that the best you might get. With a worth that is underneath $50, you get a 320GB space for putting away with a 7200RPM rates – enough to make positive you get a legitimate exhibition contrasted with what you might see in the value range.

Western Digital 14TB ultrastar HDD

This beast of a capacity arrangement is our high pick for the decorations and 4k video editors out there. in any event, assuming this was essentially planned considering NAS, we will in general feel it’s a genuine case as our huge limit decision.

With developments in present day innovation transforming into ever extra continuous soon we will in general see any semblance of 8k being increasingly more idea. For as of now yet we’re inside the times of 4k, and for individuals who alter this kind of document, you see the significance of partaking in a ton of capacity.

We’ve named the Western Digital 14TB Ultrastra our high enormous limit inside hard drive. It’s 7200RPM, as you’d expect, and accompanies a 512MB reserve that is far more effective than any huge stockpiling available at this moment.

Seagate barracuda (3TB)

The Seagate barracuda accompanies a strong 3TB of space for putting away for you to mess with. That is sufficient room for putting away to oblige all of your steam games, media records, and fundamental documents making it the legitimate decision for our $800 and $1000 fabricates. In a few things this actually passes on you with a huge load of room to mess with.

Remember that chic games these days are getting down to require spaces of at least 20-ish GB. With this, you’ll essentially store in regards to 120 25GB games no problem at all. it’s while not an uncertainty, the best all round inward plate drive for betting.