The Best Hairstyles and Color Ideas to Wear with Face Masks

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Since the fairly recent outbreak of COVID-19 two years ago, it changed our day-to-today lives including requirements and guidance from the CDC to wear facial masks to protect ourselves from COVID. Today, two years later, we still have to follow the same protocol. 

Although it can be a drag, mundane, and may even seem silly, it has now become one of the efficient means of protecting ourselves from the virus and even become a new social norm. How can we stay fashionable and look our best when half of our face is covered up?

Best Hairstyles

Some of the most fashionable hairstyle ideas include buns, braids, and half updos, giving you a variety of beautiful hair trends to try with face masks. The first idea is a space bun. You can simply loop the fack mask over the bun instead of your ears. The second idea features two braids. 

This hairstyle is neat if you have tying masks where you can braid the mask bands into the hair. The last idea for this article is a half updo. All you need is a half-up ponytail and a mask to pin with bobby pins. Some people even cover up their hair and face masks with a hat and bobby pin the mask to the headwear. 

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Others might go with twists and different varieties of braided hairstyles. These hairstyles are all comfortable and beginner-friendly for any person of any age. These hairstyles also avoid pinning a mask to the ears and are more free-fitting or pinned in the most perfect and fashionable way. All these ideas are creative, innovative, and is what people are doing today! Also, all of these hairstyles are simple and fun for everyone.

Best Hair Color Ideas

Now is the best time to try new hair color ideas with facial masks and start making this social norm something to remember in a positive light. One idea is to dye your hair a vibrant color. That could be vibrant pinks, blues, reds, oranges, and other vibrant colors so that your hair stands out instead of the mask. 

You can even play with the different vibrant shades and match it with hairstyles that are trending today. Long hair with layers, jaw-length bobs, or even tinsels mixed in the hair to create “fairy hair.” 

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Plumed naturally-curly afros and long extensions are also in the mix of being the most trendy. Of course, depending on your style, taste, and hair color, you can create a fashionable look as well during COVID-19 and have your hair make a statement first instead of the mask.

Resources for Face Masks

We have no idea how long COVID strains will stick around for, but humanity as a whole has been through a lot throughout time and history. We will be able to get through it, as long as we are all in this together to fight this cause and solve the issue at hand. 

Wearing a face mask helps protect you and others from getting sick with the virus. Before entering a highly populated area, make sure that your mask fits ASTM standards.