The E-Commerce Key Figures That Explode In 2022

The E-Commerce Key Figures That Explode In 2022

This is no longer a surprise, since the start of the pandemic, Digital Marketing Agency Chandigarh e-commerce sites have been in high demand by buyers. However, these performances are not equal from one domain to another. Discover the sectors of e-commerce that are a hit in 2022!

Key figures for e-commerce in the 1st quarter of 2022

30 billion euros spent in the 1st quarter of 2022

According to the latest figures published by the FEVAD (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling). Internet sales show an increase of 14.8% over one year with 30 billion euros spent in the 1st quarter of 2022.

A contrasting situation depending on the sector

The increase in the figures for e-commerce sites has not been proportional. This 14.8% increase is mainly driven by the sale of products, which increased by 30%, while the sale of services only increased by 1% compared to the previous quarter.

Other sectors such as e-tourism show a drop of 49%. An unsurprising drop gave the impact of Covid 19 on the travel sector. An increase in the number of e-commerce sites (+12%)

The health situation has pushed many companies to take the plunge into e-commerce. The creation of an online sales site has proven to be essential during periods of confinement and is essential to respond to new consumer buying habits.

Marketplaces in great shape (+44%)

Market places recorded a 44% increase in sales during this first quarter of 2022. This is their best performance since the start of the health crisis.

Online sales growing twice as fast as the market average for physical stores

Sales made by physical businesses via their online store during the first quarter of 2022 increased sharply. They increased by 45% during the first week of April (compared to the same period last year). The overall increase amounts to 17% compared to the year 2020 (which had already experienced a sharp increase due to the first confinement).

New consumer buying habits

41 million online shoppers in France in the 1st quarter of 2022

This is one million more than the previous year. The adoption of digital, Digital Marketing Agency Chandigarh accelerated by the health crisis, has had the direct consequence of the emergence of new purchasing habits.

In its quarterly barometer, the FEVAD publishes the results of its survey of online buyers over the past 3 months.

Understanding the marketing mix may help you understand your customer better!

Home delivery ahead of pick-up point delivery

87% of online shoppers prefer home delivery across all purchase categories.

With the exception of the food sector where buyers prefer in-store or pick-up points at 57% compared to 45% for home delivery. Online shopping rooted in new shopping habits 70% of people who have made purchases online say they would have used this channel even if the conditions were different.

The triggers for buying online

Online purchases are favored by several triggers, Digital Marketing Agency Chandigarh the first criterion mentioned by buyers is free delivery (52.6%), a discount or a voucher comes second (40.3%), consumer reviews also weigh in the balance (33.8%), the ease of returns is also important (32.6%).

These criteria give several relevant information on the elements to consider to promote sales via an e-commerce site.

The explosion of food e-commerce! An acceleration of food e-commerce

In 2020 , the sale of food products online increased by 42%. This increase in direct correlation with the start of the health crisis is  nevertheless confirmed over time.

Food e-commerce thus increases by 13% in 2022 compared to 2021. It now represents 9% of the market share.

The deployment of pedestrian drives

Food shopping is mainly collected at the drive-thru of hypermarkets and supermarkets (90%)

Many brands are developing pedestrian drives to facilitate the collection of groceries and facilitate access to hypermarkets and supermarkets (often on the outskirts) for residents of city centers.

Food purchases mainly on mobile

Purchases made via food e-commerce sites are mainly made via a mobile terminal: 62% , compared to 34% via a computer and 4% via a tablet. The interface of food e-commerce websites must therefore be mainly designed for mobile browsing. The rise of websites offering local products in a short circuit

The desire to consume locally via short circuits has been reinforced by the health crisis. Food e- commerce sites offering the purchase of fresh and local products are very popular with consumers and represent a very buoyant market.

Express delivery favoured for food purchases

In the context of food e-commerce, express delivery is favored by online shoppers.

This method of delivery is particularly suitable for food products. What to remember about e-commerce in 2022 E-commerce sites are essential for physical businesses

In short, e-commerce is definitely rooted in purchasing habits and its place continues to grow in certain sectors. Physical businesses can no longer do without an online store to respond to new consumer buying habits.

Food e-commerce is booming

Food e-commerce is experiencing a real boom and today represents a very buoyant market , particularly for short circuit products that perfectly meet the eco-responsible concerns of the population.

E-commerce is always more competitive

The strong online competition requires being able to stand out with a differentiating and efficient website.

Your e-commerce site must be effective!

Features related to mobile browsing, online payment, geo location, delivery methods, etc. must be an integral part of your e-commerce site. Digital Marketing Agency Chandigarh

Using a specialized web agency is often the safest option for creating an effective e-commerce site.

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