Top 5 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on your Home

Installing Solar Panels

The shortfall of energy sources around the world due to rising prices and rapid climate change that has affected rainfall systems has provided many regions with a focus on renewable energy sources. Different types of renewable energy sources are available, among them solar energy is considered most efficient as it is available around the year with greater benefits over conventional energy systems. Conventional energy systems also have different flaws in their working that are providing consideration towards switching to more reliable and efficient energy systems. Solar energy system as a substitute for energy production has been significantly adapted for both commercial and residential purposes. Solar energy systems have many advantages over conventional energy provided through grid systems when they are mainly utilized for residential purposes.

There are many benefits and advantages of using solar energy that cannot be counted in a limited time, but we will focus on five major advantages that can be availed by everyone irrespective of their utilization related to residential purposes. These advantages of using solar panels at home can be categorized as; unlimited power supply, independence from the grid system, net metering, reduction in expenses, and low maintenance cost. All these elements are the major consideration when buying any product for the long-term benefit related to energy utilization. Solar energy systems are actively adopted across the globe due to changing climate factors and economic uncertainty.

Signature Solar as a solar energy manufacturing company provides a highly efficient system for residential usage areas. Solar energy is creating rapid and drastic improvement in quality of life for millions of residential customers around the globe mainly in areas that have low energy supplies like the majority of African regions. In Africa, more than 90% of individuals living in rural areas do not have any type of access to electrical supplies. These individuals are highly adopting solar panel systems that are efficient as well as also reduce their dependence on traditional electrical grid systems. The African model of adopting solar energy systems can be actively applied all over the globe for residential purposes in areas that are facing power limitations.

The main advantage of installing a solar energy system at home is related to having a system that provides renewable energy with an unlimited supply. Solar energy is available all year in almost every part of the world and has greater potential to fulfill the needs of every region. The potential of solar energy lies in the area of the untapped energy system that is not being utilised currently for different residential and commercial purposes. Unlimited power supply from solar energy is also due to the factor of being constantly replaced and the current utilization of solar energy is just 0.02%. A high level of adoption of energy sources by residential customers provides them with the greater benefit of actively replacing all their energy needs from traditional electrical sources that are also very expensive.

The unlimited supply of solar energy can be greatly considered from the figure of only 30% of the energy that is reflected on the earth that makes up around 52 petawatts-PW. The remaining 70% of the Solar Energy is lost into space. 30% energy source that is reflected on the earth annually can be compared to global energy consumption figures that are generated by various sources. One year of solar energy reflected on the earth is equal to energy sources provided by 1 million Hoover Dam, energy production by worldwide oil, gas, and coal companies for over 380 years. The energy consumption stats can be related to the figure of energy requirement by Great Britain for constantly 250, 000 years without any interruption or outage. The Solar Energy also available on Earth for a single year is also enough to meet the needs of every vehicle running on the earth while supplying energy requirements for over a hundred million that are perpetually running around the year.

Independency from Grid System

Rural and Suburban areas also are greatly facing issues of constant energy supply as they have no access to grid systems which are constantly on the rise. Many city-dwellers also are facing power outages due to low energy supply and higher demand which is creating greater levels of uncertainty at both individual and government levels for efficient energy supplies. A rising concern related to 2 unlimited consumption of fossil fuels to create electrical energy is generating a negative image under globalization and many individuals under the influence of modern technology are considering adopting renewable energy sources like solar power.

Net Metering

The main benefit of installing solar power systems in homes is related to the advantage of net metering. Net metering is related to the practice of payment by electrical production companies to the homeowners that have installed solar systems in their homes. When the energy production is greater than the residential unit requirement they can be directly sold to these electrical companies. The practice related to net metering provides the advantage of homeowners to have extra passive income which they can sell to cover up their other residential expenses.

Reduce Expenses

Installing solar panels in homes also provides the benefit of reducing expenses on electrical energy sources that are getting expensive day by day. Solar energy supply provides independence from using electrical energy provided by grid systems that also benefit in the long term for increasing the savings for the homeowners.

Low Maintenance Cost

The advantage of installing solar panels for domestic use also is related to requiring minimum maintenance and does not create an extra burden for the homeowners. Solar panels are required to be installed once in a lifetime which makes them highly efficient without the need of spending a greater amount to maintain them.

Unlimited power supply

Solar panels’ advantage for domestic use also is related to storing extra energy into batteries that can be later utilized in residential units when facing power outages. This also makes them economical and highly beneficial in terms of saving greatly on energy bills with having an unlimited power supply.