Top 5 birthday flowers that you can gift your loved ones and make them feel special

birthday flowers

Amongst every occasion, birthdays are very special. The best part about this day is, it allows us to showcase our love and affection towards our precious ones. It gives us the reason to appreciate their presence around us. This particular day is jam-packed with lots of pampering, care, fondness and admiration. However, among every gift, flowers hold a specific desire and attraction.

The speciality about flowers is that you can offer a bunch of florals irrespective of the occasion, whether it is someone’s birthday, anniversary, Christmas, farewell party, thanksgiving ceremony and others. You don’t even need to express your emotions when you are offering a beautiful bouquet to someone special, because they make it work! 

So if you are thinking of giving a bunch of pretty blossoms, then you are on the right track! Your loved one will surely appreciate your attempt as well as your lovely wishes. There are many shades and kinds of flowers, holding different significance and meanings. But do you know which flowers will be the best birthday florals? Well, we are here to help you. Out of all the varieties, we have covered the best ones that you can get for the birthday of your special one.

Listed below are the top 5 flowers that you must gift your loved ones and make their birthday even more special!


There’s no doubt that roses make the best flowers. Its beauty, essence and shades are extremely mesmerising and they prove to be the perfect gift for any special occasion. Roses are of different sizes; smaller ones and ones with rich blooms. Small roses are included in bouquets whereas the larger ones are meant to captivate attention and admiration.  

There are numerous kinds of roses, each denoting a different meaning. They hold special importance and that makes them one of the most hand-picked florals. Because of their elegance, no one can deny accepting a bunch of fresh vibrant roses. If it’s the birthday of your special lady then you can offer a bouquet of red roses, if your best friend has invited you for his/her birthday then you can get a bouquet of yellow roses, which mark the bond of friendship. However, if you are residing in a different city and searching for a trustworthy and responsive online flower delivery in Pune,  then go through our exceptional floral collection. Place the order for your desired bouquet and get it delivered without fail.


Certainly, orchids make wonderful gifts for tons of reasons. Their petals are elegant and last for a longer duration, they’re simple and easy to take care of and will often flourish frequently for multiple years. Orchids are reasonably affordable, visually enchanting and effortlessly transported. They make an incredible gift for a variety of events. Orchids symbolise royalty, affection and admiration. They are adaptive to every climatic condition and blooms beautifully. These flowers flourish for various months, mainly from the harvesting period to spring. Nonetheless, some flower consistently blooms all over the year. 

Orchids too have mesmerising shades and the unique part here is they alter their colours as per the period. You can begin with an orchid that is faint pink and come out with another that is burgundy spotted. You can never comprehend that what you are going to get. 


Pansies make a beautiful gift for any special occasion especially birthdays. They look incredibly pretty and vibrant. They have different shades like yellow, purple, white and many more. Gifting a bouquet of alluring pansies can brighten up the mood of your special one, thereby making them feel special and glad. These are special blossoms because they exhibit emotions of love and care. 

They also symbolise broad thinking and appreciation. So just grab your favourite shade of pansies and gift it to your special one and watch the glow in their face. You can also send flowers online and get them delivered at your desired time without any delay.

Gerbera Daisies

daisies are closely associated with sunflowers. They have big and wide blooms which makes them even more attractive. They come in many mood-lifting shades and are one of the most handpicked blossoms for any special occasion. They look quite similar to the image of a daisy. They are widely known for signifying pureness and innocence. If you are tired of getting roses to gift your special one then get a fresh bundle of Gerbera daisies and let the florals do the magic!

They are perfect and suitable for any special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, reunion parties, weddings and many more. You can add some mixed florals alongside these captivating daisies to make it look even more complete and attractive.


Without a doubt, carnations are very pleasing and are the most prominent cut flowers that you can find in the entire world. These dense blooms can glow delicately with colourful shades, or startle the vision with the splendidness of their petals. These florals make the symbolic gesture for true love, good luck and happiness. Surprise your special ones with a special bunch of pretty carnations on their birthday and make them feel utterly loved and unique.

Among all the colours, the red carnations will symbolise the emotion and impression of love and affection. It is another way to showcase your love to your partner or loved ones. If the birthday of your partner is almost arriving, then get a bunch of these attractive blossoms and don’t wait to make them feel worthy. 

Another shade I.e the white carnations makes perfect birthday blossoms. Getting a bouquet of white carnations will reveal the true desires and emotions that you hold for your special one. It will showcase the immense love that you have for them. Choose the online flower delivery in Pune or any other city as per your preference and send these pretty blossoms online with the most trustworthy and prompt service.

These are the best birthday blossoms that you can get for the birthday of your loved one. However, there are many more varieties of birthday blossoms that are readily available online. Place an order for the special bouquet and add a customised gift basket to make an appropriate birthday present.