What is a 3D Dancer? Synesthesia & On the FLY Productions

What is a 3D Dancer

In this article I will discuss three of the main types of dancers: synesthesia, holographic, and virtual reality. I’ll also mention Synesthesia and On the FLY Productions. I’ll also discuss the concept of 3D dance films and how they can revolutionize the genre. In particular, 3D dance films can amplify the body on screen, thereby enhancing the viewer’s relationship with the body.


Artists, designers, and companies all utilize synesthetic concepts. For example, automotive companies like Ford must know how to induce a synesthetic experience in their customers. For them, 3D dancing is an incredible way to explore their products. And, with the ability to see colors and shapes in three dimensions, artists can create works of art that are unlike anything else on the market. However, there is a downside to this: the technology required to create these pieces of art is not yet ready for mass consumption.

While it is rare for an individual to experience emotion-tactile synesthesia, it is possible to develop it. Some people even report touching and squeezing the hands of those around them, or feeling them physically. Synesthesia is a neurological trait that affects 4% of the world’s population. Some people who are synesthetes experience many different kinds of stimuli, including sounds, tastes, letters, and numbers.

The experience of synesthesia differs from person to person. Some people experience movement-colour synaesthesia. Movement-colour synaesthesia is rare, and occurs when people perform certain movements. The concept of movement is the inducer. A person experiencing movement-colour synaesthesia perceives these objects as they move. The condition is sometimes classified as kinetics-colour synesthesia. These dancers often describe their experience as “smeared dandelion color”. However, the term can also apply to auditory synaesthesia.

The concept of synesthesia is not an inbuilt neurological condition, and it can be learned. In fact, some people may be born with synesthesia and not be able to express it at all. Despite this, synesthesia is a cultural phenomenon that can be acquired gradually. The ancient Greek definition of synesthesia is different from the modern scientific explanation. This is especially true if the individual is experiencing this phenomenon for the first time.

On the FLY Productions

On the FLY Productions is a hybrid aerial entertainment company that offers aerial dancers and flying effects in a variety of formats. The company offers a wide range of aerial dance shows and aerial effects, and offers world-class training for performers. Its mission is to provide top-quality aerial entertainment, including the creation of unique, specialized aerial acts. It also offers aerial equipment rental and a variety of other services.

Jason Whicker

A 3D dancer, he is from Ballwin, Missouri. He is a member of the St Louis aerial effects company, On the FLY Productions. Currently based in Kirkwood, Missouri, the company develops aerial shows and runs 3 aerial and flying studios. He has also performed on Broadway and for several cruise ships.

On the FLY

Originally from Rockford, Illinois, Benjamin Gaffney joined On the FLY Productions LLC in early 2020 after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis. Since joining the company, he has held a variety of roles and has performed in live theatre and concerts. He has also worked on various local Midwest productions, including Jake Owen’s Life’s Watcha Make It, Jim Gaffigan’s Quality Time, and George Lopez’s Comedy Get Down.

Street Dancer 3D

While Street Dancer 3D is a dance flick with some witty dialogue, it’s also a moral growth story, as the characters learn how to give their all for a greater good. The film, though, focuses primarily on the dancers and their ephemeral on-stage performances, rather than the larger theatrics of life. As such, it’s a slog.

STREET DANCER 3D opens on a visually impressive note with a stirring intro piece. Nora’s entry will raise your body temperature, especially in the colder months. The plot point is interesting and adds a nice touch, while the immigration bit is a little logically flawed. Nevertheless, it does have a positive impact on the movie’s overall impact. For its age, it’s definitely a must-see, if only because of the brilliant choreography, vibrant colors, and heart-warming story.

In the movie, two rival street dance teams compete for the hearts of the audience. The plot revolves around the rivalry between these two rivalry groups, led by Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. The main characters are Sahej, a British resident of Indian origin, and his brother Inder, an Indian. Inder was a part of a global dance performance, but broke his knee in a performance at Ground Zero. Meanwhile, Sahej goes to Punjab, India for a wedding and comes back with a large sum of money. He tells his brother that he earned the money through his performance, but he isn’t sure whether or not it is the best way to use it.

The movie is based on London, and the characters in the film are a mixture of Pakistani and Indian communities. The conflict between the two sides stems from the fact that Street Dancer is more successful than the Rule Breakers. This rivalry forces the two groups to compete in a dance competition, which is called Ground Zero. At the end of the movie, they form a partnership. They end up winning it, but the story is still very relatable, even if it isn’t as original as ABCD.