What is the Importance of Prepaid Digital Solutions?

Importance of Prepaid Digital Solutions

The PDS card can be used for online shopping, over the phone or at the checkout terminal wherever you see Visa Debit. The card offers 24/7 fraud monitoring and protection, helps you control your spending by setting monthly limits, stores your account number and expiry date conveniently on the card itself to stop you writing them down, giving you peace of mind wherever you are. Now, the digital wallet has arrived. You can start shopping online, over the phone or add the card right to your favorite point of sale device. Whether it’s an iPhone app, Android app or iPad POS terminal, your prepaid debit card is ready to use instantly  at checkout  or anywhere  Visa  debit  is accepted.

Prepaid digital solutions are a convenient, secure way to manage your money. This virtual Visa® debit card can be used for online shopping, phoning, and more, wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Simply register online and you can be ready to use it in minutes. The prepaid digital solutions Visa® debit card is a convenient, low cost alternative to paying with cash and checks. It operates like a bank debit card and can be used to pay bills online or by phone, shop online, and load money at any ATM. The Prepaid Digital Visa Card combines the advantages of a traditional scrip program with the flexibility, features and security provided by Visa’s, industry leading digital payment solutions. This card provides the speed, ubiquity and security of digital payments to constituents who are ineligible for traditional credit or debit programs.

Prepaid Digital Solutions let you shop online, over the phone, or even in a store. Load money onto your Card wherever Visa® Debit is accepted and use it to pay for special purchases, everyday expenses, and more. And check out our Vault® to manage your Card balance online or on your mobile device.

Simply order your Prepaid Digital Solutions gift card, then use it anywhere Visa debit is accepted. Whether you’re buying flowers for your sweetheart, concert tickets for the family, or groceries at the corner market, this digital gift delivers just what you choose. And because it’s prepaid there’s no long-term contract or service to worry about. Your Prepaid Digital Solution lets you go wherever you want, whenever you want. With prepaid cards, reload online or by phone and get your balance instantly. Our prepaid digital solutions are the perfect tool for spending cash online or on your mobile. Plus, multiple options give you just what you need for maximum flexibility. Prepaid Digital Solutions give you flexible control over your money, making it easy to manage expenses and avoid overdraft fees. Use them to shop online, pay bills, and enjoy fast food treats you’ll love.

Buy the things you love, more often. Prepaid digital solutions are more flexible than a bank account. And, if you spend at your favorite retailers or on your phone bill every month, you can still earn rewards for free stuff or cash back. The prepaid digital solution gives you the freedom to pay how you want, where you are, whenever you are.