What Makes Citrus & Salt One of the Best Place to Eat

Citrus & Salt

Citrus & Salt is one of the best restaurants in Boston. The foods are really good and their drinks are something else!. Citrus & Salt has something for everyone: Mexican, Italian, Spanish or American dishes that will keep you coming back for more. And did I mention their martinis?

They are made with house-made vermouths from Italy and paired perfectly with spicy Jalapeno peppers!

Mexican Food

Mexican food is a cuisine that originated in Mexico, and it’s not just Mexican food. Regional Mexican food refers to the different styles of cooking that are found across Mexico.

Why this matters: Regional Mexican cuisine is more than just tacos and enchiladas. It’s also made with fresh ingredients, like poblano peppers (the dried version is often used as a flavoring), cilantro leaves, lime zest, and juice. Chiles de Arbol (or pasilla) epazote leaves cumin seeds or peppercorns, avocado oil, jalapeno peppers (red or green), garlic cloves, or shallots depending on your preference for spiciness/taste intensity.

What makes it regional: The type of chilies used will determine whether you’re getting something from Northern Mexico or Southern Mexico. Whether it uses animal proteins like beef or pork instead of vegetarian options like chickpeas, if there are corn tortillas rather than flour ones and so much more.

Best Food for Your Money

The best food is worth more than the money you pay. If a restaurant is offering quality dishes at reasonable prices, it’s because they’re not trying to gouge customers or make a quick buck.

They want their customers to come back again and again, so they’ll be happy with what they get and return often!

The owners of Citrus & Salt know that good quality ingredients go into each dish, which means that even if you order something simple like pasta or pizza, your meal will still be delicious enough that you won’t mind spending more money on it later on down the line when your appetite starts craving something else altogether.

Best Cocktails in Town

Citrus & Salt is a great place to drink. They have a great selection of cocktails, including mezcal and rum on tap, gin, and tequila (we are talking about their tequila here). If you want to try something new or just enjoy some old classics or if you’re feeling adventurous and looking for something new, this is the place for you.

The drinks at Citrus & Salt are not just good. They are excellent. The bartenders know what they’re doing when it comes to mixing up tasty drinks from fresh ingredients like fruit juices or herbs that make them unique from other places around town where similar drinks can be found elsewhere in Boston.

The Vibe

The atmosphere at Citrus & Salt is relaxed and inviting. Despite the upscale feel, there’s no pretension at this restaurant. The decor is modern and fun, filled with bold colors that complement each dish. There are also plenty of communal tables where you can sit down with your friends or family to enjoy some casual conversation over delicious food.

The staff here is friendly and attentive, willing to answer any questions about their menu or help you find something new to try on their menu as well (which changes regularly). If you do decide against ordering anything off-menu, they’ll let you know exactly what’s available so that even if they don’t have it at that time, they can help make sure we order something similar when the next time comes around.

You Are Missing Out!

If you’re looking for a cool place to hang out in Boston, this is it! Citrus & Salt is a great place to meet friends and have fun.

If you haven’t been to Citrus & Salt, you are missing out. The food is delicious and the cocktails are amazing, but it’s more than just a great place to eat. The atmosphere is relaxing, but not too relaxing that you can’t have fun with your friends. The service is good so if the food isn’t up to par with what they serve at other restaurants in town then it shouldn’t be a problem!

The prices aren’t bad either compared with other restaurants around town which mean that even though there might be higher tabs on certain dishes like steak or pasta dishes, overall this restaurant offers great value for money when compared to other options out there today.


We hope that you enjoyed our review about Citrus & Salt. It may not be the best restaurant in the world but it is definitely worth it if you are in Boston, MA, and looking for a place to eat.