What to Do If You Lock Your Keys in the Car

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Forgot the car key in the vehicle, and the doors are locked? Of course, this is a nerve-wracking situation. But don’t feel infuriating. This can happen even best of us. In this article, we’ll discuss what you can do yourself in this predicament. And we’ll also look at why professional help is the perfect solution.

It usually happens when you have left the key in the vehicle with the door or tailgate open, for example, to put the child in the child seat or quickly do the shopping. Then you close the doors and forget your car key. It is now inaccessible in the locked vehicle.

You can have a spare key brought to you quickly in the best-case scenario. What you should definitely not do: As a preventive measure, put a spare key in the plastic bag in the wheel arch. Thieves know this old trick all too well. If the vehicle is stolen and you can’t show all the keys, the car insurance may only pay limited amounts or, in the worst case, not at all.

But what if the problem can’t be solved with the replacement key? And how can you avert yourself from getting into this emergency at all?

Accidentally locking car doors – how to prevent it

As banal as it may sound, most vehicle models cannot be locked as long as the key is in the ignition lock. Also, in most car models, the driver’s door can’t be locked if a key is used to unintentionally close it, whether by radio or in the door lock. You can find more information about this in the operating instructions to prevent this.

Opening the car without a key – a job for professionals

Only in exceptional cases can a layperson manage to open a car door without a suitable key without causing damage to the vehicle. Scratches in the paintwork or bent door frames are more the rule than the exception, no matter what tricks and life hacks are circulating on the Internet – from bent wire to clothes hangers and inflatable blood pressure cuff to a cut open tennis ball.

Most modern vehicles require professionals to open the car door without damaging it. The best, fastest and cheapest solution is to call your Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay, which offers professional door opening.

The key help in ADAC breakdown assistance

At ADAC breakdown assistance, opening unintentionally locked cars is a frequently requested service. In 2019, around 145,000 missions were carried out with the key help service, 100,000 of which involved a key locked in the vehicle. All club members can use the key help, regardless of their membership type. As in many other emergencies, Auto Locksmith in Tampa can help quickly, professionally, and easily. You only have vehicle documents that can prove an identity card that you own the accidentally locked vehicle.

Plus and Premium members are also entitled to additional services for obtaining a replacement key.

Our Locksmith has the right tools on board and special training in opening car doors professionally.

Safe Lock and Keyless – special locking systems

Many vehicle models have a Safe Lock function so that the car can’t be opened from the inside after it has been locked. This prevents thieves from inserting a wire loop through a slot when the window is not completely closed (or a slightly widened door frame) and thus unlocking the car from the inside.

The ADAC experts point out that this system saves insurance fees and vehicle occupants – even in a dangerous situation. It can initially no longer leave the car without external help.

Therefore, don’t lock the cars with a secure locking function while passengers are inside the vehicle. You can get information from the logbook about the security lock of your vehicle. Sometimes when you turn off the ignition, a message appears in the device group. With some car models, you can lock the car by pressing the remote twice, but you can still open it from the inside, with less protection against theft.

Keyless locking is usually impossible in many cars equipped with the so-called cord locking system. Until there is a key in the car/trunk. On the other hand, cars without keys are often easier to steal than cars with “normal” remote controls.   

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