Will Self-Publishing Enable Authors To Rescue The Fiction Genre?


Will book self-publishing save the exceptional genre of literary fiction? Literary fiction is a subgenre of fiction that is difficult to define. Genre fiction can be categorized considerably more quickly. Romance, science fiction, and fantasy, for example, have a predictable plot and plotline. To put it another way, the reader is aware of what to expect.

Another distinction between genre fiction and literary fiction is the degree to which a book is difficult to read. However, book self publishing can rescue the diminishing importance of literary fiction.

Do You Know What Literary Fiction Is?

You may simply describe literary fiction as a story that focuses on the characters rather than the plot. There is a greater emphasis on writing, the human condition, allegory, and symbolism when compared to popular fiction. It’s more of an investigation than an explanation. As a result, it’s not so much about the main character surviving a disaster as it is about how they will react to it. It’s also possible to classify it as a fiction category. However, it differs from genre storytelling rules. It’s frequently more introverted than extroverted. However, today’s readers look for instant gratification.

It may appear that literary fiction books are simply too difficult to read. It’s not uncommon in literary fiction for the endings to be sad, abrupt, or leave the reader to figure out what happened. Some books even end without a conclusion, leaving the reader to discover its meaning. To put it another way, they aren’t easy to read and aren’t meant to be light entertainment.

Why Is Literary Fiction Declining?

Literary fiction is in trouble, and sales have fallen dramatically. It is because cheap entertainment is available on almost every other platform that declined the worth of literary fiction. Literary fiction is sometimes tricky and pricey in comparison to our smartphones. It demands more concentration than scrolling social media websites. It’s probably no surprise to literary authors. It’s becoming more difficult to find publishers ready to invest in a book that only a fragment of readers will want to buy and read if you write literary fiction nowadays. It’s not a positive sign for new authors hoping for a publishing contract and an advance with a literary fiction book. Hence, the only option left to them is book self publishing.

Will Self Publishing Rescue Literary Fiction from Death?

The only possible answer to this question is that it is the only future. Traditional publishers will not publish many books if they observe there is no profit to be earned. This would ultimately take authors towards the book self publishing route. However, many readers still desire to read works that are harder and provide more depth. Yes, the target audience is less than for a genre writer, but it still exists. The difficulty for literary authors is to find a market for their work and promote it as effectively as possible.

Is Marketing Literary Fiction Books Difficult?

Yes, this is the challenging part, particularly if you want to sell books on Amazon. It’s nearly hard to know how many Kindle eBooks there are these days. On Amazon, there are more than 60000 books in the literary fiction category. This is the end of the magic word. There could be tens of thousands of more books in this category. There is a lot of rubbish and poorly categorized books on Amazon, which is a difficulty for new book self-publishing literary fiction authors. The majority of inexperienced and new authors have no idea how to choose categories and keywords for their books. When a book is placed under either of these broad categories, it will become lost in a jungle of competing books and will have little chance of selling.


You may have heard that no one reads literary fiction these days. However, this is not the case. What’s true is that people’s reading preferences have changed. The need for simplicity and instant gratification has reduced the literary fiction market to the point where it is no longer a possible risk for major publishers.

However, readers who want a more in-depth read are still out there, and book self publishing is the only logical method to reach them. It makes no difference whether you’re creating literary or genre fiction. Book self publishing is a breeze. However, selling books is difficult unless you devote time, effort, and money to book marketing and promotion.

Therefore, the odds aren’t always loaded against literary fiction. Nothing has changed about the fact that publishing has always been a tricky business. The good news for authors is that now they have a variety of publishing options and the ability to interact with readers. For beginning authors, these factors are tremendously advantageous. You can self-publish a book in any genre if you work hard enough. However, don’t expect an easy ride.